6 thoughts on “A Genocide is unfolding Worldwide”

  1. I don’t know if Dr. Ruby said yet if that blood condition can be fixed or if those who gotten the poison will just have to deal with it and prepare for their last rites.

    1. It is not humanly fixable is my understanding, for those who took the shot. Last rites or if loved one is not Catholic I would call anyway to get a blessing. And of course prayer. There were two supernatural cures released from heaven but the locutionist is not Church approved so I won’t mention his name here. One of them involves drinking exorcism water with a blessed medal as I recall, but I don’t want to get Br. Bug in trouble here, we all have enough problems.

  2. As of this morning almost 60% of Americans have been shot. We are being flooded with illegals from not just Mexico but other countries are reportedly sending hardened criminals across the southern border. These illegals are then being flown around the country in transportation provided by Biden administration. They are everywhere now. So the death and destruction of our country on the surface is not noticable. They are given cash, food stamps, other forms of assistance, some of it from Catholic Charities, especially along the border.
    I’ve been on public assistance since 2011 mainly because I have no income. The amount of money the government is pouring out to food stamps recipients, many of them illegals, is obscene, the balance in my account is currently quadruple what it normally runs. I was in a local grocery store yesterday, there were so many unfamiliar raucus Spanish speaking people milling about and flooding the store I had to walk around the building to a side entrance just to get in. Younger people who took the shot are more likely to survive longer so this is going to become the new normal, a world of slaves on government pay. Which if you read their intentions was the plan all along.

      1. Okay. I’ll go along with that. Look, if I wasn’t legally stuck here settling my mother’s estate until the end of November I’d be off the grid by now. This is a Noah’s ark situation, the ship is about to leave the dock. Now is the time to go into hiding.

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