Death Vaxx Hospital threatens Catholic Life Activist with jail unless she retracts reports

Gemma O’Doherty (Irish Truth Angel) is the one talking.

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15 thoughts on “Death Vaxx Hospital threatens Catholic Life Activist with jail unless she retracts reports”

  1. It’s just Dreadful that Gemmas website was removed Our Irish Joan of Arc
    God keep her safe 🙏

  2. Okay, I listened to most of this before I got cut off. I have considerable experience dealing with corrupt hospital staff, including doctors, nurses, admin.

    They are telling her they are going to jail her if she doesn’t take down her website. Or they will jail her and take it down anyway. She herself admits she could be killed in jail, and she has a family.

    I would be spending every waking moment backing up the website and removing the information from public view. At which point she would save her freedom and life, live to fight another day.

    Similar to Fr.Altman it sounds to me like she needs a spiritual retreat in silence for enough time to at least regain her serenity, turn this over to God. May not be a popular opinion but that’s how I see it. By removing themselves from public what good is it?

  3. If you put Rat poison and call it a breakthrough vaccine it will still be Rat poison to kill Rats.So people are not only stupid in reality but the cult now consider us all as Rats.
    But this will turn round to bite them.

    1. Funny that you mention rats. Because rats don’t eat poison if they see that it kills other rats.

      Thus, the scientists developed a poison that doesn’t kill rats on the spot, but rather blocks their blood clotting mechanisms. They designed this poison so after studying rats and their environments and seeing that rats are prone to bite each other and get cuts from wires and pipes and stuff in the warrens where they live. Thus, when the rats eat the new poison nothing happens, but once they get a cut they bleed to death. The other rats do NOT associate the deaths of their fellows with the poison and so they eat it too. Clever, huh?

      Almost reminds me of certain injections that don’t kill most people on the spot, but will cause them to die of “other causes” later on without them ever relating their demises to the injection. Clever, huh?

  4. I believe God is going to use this as a rathole come to Jesus moment. The side effects and deaths are about to tank the financial markets. Nothing gets rats attention like the sound of crashing money.

  5. Gemma .. a wonderful woman who is constantly fighting the good fight and keeping the faith . I pray that God gives her strength to continue with this fight against tyranny and oppression of human rights .

  6. W hat is the difference between a Government Bio Jab or
    A Midazeline Jab?
    Answer none.They both kill.

    1. I am not an expert in Irish law, but it seems that the Hospital filed criminal charges against the whistleblowers and the state prosecutor is heading the case, and the Hospital is making demands in negotiations.

    2. I don’t know anything about this case in Ireland but I do know here in the US unless you’re a patient or a caregiver the information flow is zero due to privacy rules. Employees give out no information.

      They use adult protective services or their equivalent to do their dirty work. At one point towards the end of my mother’s care medical staff were calling adult services almost every day filing false charges. They investigate to determine if accusations are true. In order to take a case forward they have to find documented proof.

      In general, if medical facilities are trying to cut costs by expediting the demise of patients they falsely accuse any witnesses so no one documents anything. It’s all about the money. They like to ‘turn the beds over quickly’ for higher profits. There’s an endless supply of ‘customers’, that’s the mentality. Since those of us who are pro-life don’t think this way it takes a while to figure out what they’re up to.

  7. So true all Gemma has said! I remember JESUS saying ” those
    in positions of power, without wisdom n upright knowledge
    are dangerous! Those on the wrong side will be shaken soon!
    Praying for Your strength n safety
    Dear Gemma n all on the side of
    Truth! Our LOVING GOD n Our
    Mother MARY XOX will reward

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