Traditionalist Priest from Costa Rica declares for Pope Benedict XVI!

by our Special Correspondent in Latin America

Friends, today, another marvelous priest has declared for Benedict XVI. Praised be Jesus Christ!!

Fr. Tamayo, an elderly priest from Costa Rica who has been serving as a sort of spiritual guide for the well-known Spanish Catholic Youtube channel “Adoración y Liberación”, had been struggling to publicly admit that Benedict XVI is still Pope.

He often said that he just wasn’t ready to go there, but today, in a homily in which he addressed the recent attack on behalf of Bergoglio against the Latin Mass and speaking of the controversies in the novus ordo, he said point blank:

“But in the document of the supposed pope “Francis”, and I say “supposed” because I am convinced that he is NOT pope. Benedict XVI remains Pope. And I repeat: because Benedict XVI only renounced the administrative aspect of the Pontificate. He did not renounce the charge (munus). And this is demonstrated by various jurists who have studied with canonical and juridical basis the text of the renunciation of Benedict XVI. And if Benedict XVI does not renounce the charge, then he remains Pope. He has conscience of this. He has conscience of this. He continues to be Pope. And there can only be one Pope. And he himself has said it in various opportunities. “Popes”, there is only one. And so brothers and sisters, if Benedict is still Pope, there is no reason to fear of what may happen. There is no reason to fear.” (Minute 12:25 – 14:12)

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8 thoughts on “Traditionalist Priest from Costa Rica declares for Pope Benedict XVI!”

    The Bergoglio’s Motu Proprio ‘Traditiones Custodes,’ is just a blasphemous and heretical contradiction of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s 2007 document ‘Summorum Pontificum.‘
    But now the dissent of the priests towards Bergoglio, culpably hitherto remained well hidden, with his last exit must necessarily emerge! How else would it be possible for the same priests to continue to say the Mass in Latin?

    1. Caro Professore,
      se ne avrà la possibilità venga a Roma sabato 24 e domenica 25 per pregare insieme a frà Alexis e alcuni di noi perché anche altri sacerdoti si dichiarino apertamente Cum Benedicto.
      Dopo il più recente e sarcastico attacco dell’Antipapa alla liturgia cattolica, e tramite essa alla Fede, ritengo che con un’overdose di Spirito Santo alcuni (pochi! purtroppo) sacerdoti in giro per il mondo potrebbero trovare il coraggio per staccarsi ufficialmente dalla obbedienza alla menzogna biancovestito.

  2. Pope Benedict has been saying for some time now that he has not abdicated & is still the Pope. I have always believed this to be the case. However, now that JB has actually abrogated his SP while Pope Benedict is still alive, can we not even expect that he will issue a decree cancelling this demonic action & even mandate TLM & all the tradtional sacraments which should have accompanied his SP but, because of anticipated opposition from the Lavender cabal, didn’t. I believe all Catholics want this put to bed at once. The abolition of TLM in the CC has been proven to come from the Devil & has nothing to do with the Holy Ghost. Our mute (complicit) Cardinals & Bishops will have to get a grip & help PBXVI to do the necessary or face not only a German schism but a general one also.

  3. Vogliono togliere la messa antica perché è divisiva?
    E chi glielo ha fatto fare di introdurre il novus ordo?

    E ora che i riti sono due e contrastano tra di loro che fanno?
    Ne tolgono una:quella che è la base.

    Con la stessa lungimiranza con cui togliessero le fondamenta a un palazzo.

    In realtà è proprio perché il silenzio della messa vetus ordo permette di unirsi a papa benedetto, molti più sacerdoti di quelli che lo dichiarano ufficialmente, che vogliono togliere quella messa.
    Oltre che per sparare sulla Comunione dei Santi e sul Santo dei Santi.
    Veronica Cireneo

  4. For those that are able to understand Father Tamayo’s conversation in Spanish, we are lucky, because one can feel the sincerity of his words and almost like if the Holy Spirit was guiding him as he spoke. It would be a blessing if someone could find the means to translate his conversation / homily to other languages, because it is inspiring. Towards the end, he mentioned that he and inference WE should be ready to even give up our lives, because the persecution of the church has begun. But the main message that I got was that as long as we stay true to the truth, which is Jesus Christ, we should not loose hope, because truth will triumph in the end.

    One point he mentioned and he asked those listening to look up is that Pope Pius V when he codified the traditional mass, he did it in perpetuity. And therefore, the latest pronouncement by JB is not valid. There were other clear statements made by Father Tamayo, among those being that he recognized now that the Novus Ordo mass is not valid because it has changed over the years since it was introduced after Vatican II and is now seen as a “recuerdo” which means “remembrance” and not as the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. which is the traditional mass codified by Pope Pius V.

    Also, Father Tamayo explicitly admits that Pope Benedict XVI is still the Pope because he never validly renounced the Munus , as Father Tamayo refers to in Spanish as the “charge” or the office of papacy. Father Tamayo states that if he resigned anything was the administration duties.

    I am so blessed that I was taught Spanish and I am able to understand Father Tamayo’s homily as he spoke in his native tongue. I hope people that only speak other languages, will one day be able to read or hear an accurate translation of his homily.

    God, please continue to bless Father Tamayo.

    I ask those that read my comments to please add him to your prayers, for God to give him strength and protection on the days ahead. For Our Blessed Lady, Mary the Mother of God to use him as an example to other priests, bishops and clergy to gain strength from his example and help guide the true church back to the main leadership of the true Catholic and Apostolic church.


  5. What a wonderful looking Priest…..his manner etc.
    Fortunate people who have him for a Spiritual Guide.
    Personally…always was attracted to Spanish Catholicism…

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