Which nations now have Vaxx passports? — A Global review

And, from June 10th report:

And though the Vaccine passport in the EU is not obligatory in all countries, now 17 have them:

Furthermore, FromRome.Info has been informed that the government of Ecuador already requires that they be shown for travel and restarants etc..

If you have information about your country, not listed here above, please share it in a comment below:


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3 thoughts on “Which nations now have Vaxx passports? — A Global review”

  1. I don’t think this is ‘The End’, rather a huge wake up call. How else would God get the attention of an unrepentant culture of death? In many ways we as a society are simply being given what we asked for, after half a century of murdering pre-born children, the infirmed and elderly, this is a logical next step. The death cult is probably stunned that all of us are not just rolling over and taking it.

    Even if we go back to the way things were we still have the legal murders of abortion and euthanasia. If something isn’t done about it the chastisements from God are going to be a helluva lot worse than anything they dish out.

  2. My guess is here in America they will start soon with the public schools, requiring both teachers and students to show they have been vaccinated in order for the districts to receive federal funding.

    1. Probably. Sounds likely. I don’t have children but if I did have kids and I found out they were teaching them the rubbish I’m reading in the news I’d be home schooling anyway.

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