Big League Politics: Bergoglio is an anti-Christ figure working to crown the Beast System

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11 thoughts on “Big League Politics: Bergoglio is an anti-Christ figure working to crown the Beast System”

  1. Dear Brother Bugnolo
    I have read a few things about the Beast and if I remember correctly it is from the Merovingian bloodline. The bloodline who say that they are the descendants of Jesus Christ. However the Jesus Christ that I believe in, never married nor did he have children, and He being God in the flesh, overcame death when He was crucified. The Priory of Sion protect the Dragon and also the other secret societies. It is time to find out which Merovingian could be the Beast? Doesn’t he have something wrong with his right eye? That seems to be why “celebrities” or entertainers show their left eye, covering their right eye constantly in their publicity photos etc. It has been very hard to see the reality that we must face with the Beast system, but with God’s help we who will not defile ourselves to the poison will battle on against Goliath.
    God the Creator will Win.
    Thank you for writing FromRome

    1. No, the Beast of the Apocalypse is Satan. He is called the Beast because when he was cast out of heaven he was punished by God with being obliged to show himself under the form of an animal. And while the Antichrist is also called a beast, because of his carnal mind, he will be of Jewish blood on the side of his mother, at the least. I think jewish on his father’s too, because otherwise how could he claim to be the messiah. So no, the Meroviginians have nothing to do with it.

      1. Dear Brother Bugnolo
        May I just say a few more things which I hope are not offensive. From reading different sources, there seems to be two types of Jews. There are the Sephardic who are Semites and the AshkeNAZI who are the Khazars and converted to the Jewish faith in the 8th century because their King Bula dictated that his people must. The Ashkenazi are not Semites and originated in Southern Russia near the Caspian Sea.
        Maybe not all Jews are bad? There are those who follow the Torah and will have nothing to do with the Talmud.
        Jews have always served the Crown as tax collectors and funded kings (usury) for their wars. That would give anyone a bad name. These wealthier Jews gained breeding rights into the elite.
        The plandemic which we find our selves in now has paid a lot of useful idiots, who have not only signed our lives away, but their own because there will be no witnesses, of that I am sure.
        What appears to be happening in Rome with Pope Benedict is like a mirror image of President Trump in America. There are things about Trump that don’t add up, influencing people to take the shot is one.
        Thank you for reading. From Rome is very interesting, although reading some comments I do feel a bit out of my depth.
        I am Cornish (Cornwall) and I remember reading about “The Prayer Book Rebellion” I think it was in the 1300’s when Latin was replaced with the English language. The Cornish protestors marched in their hundreds to Exeter to see the Bishop and complain.

      2. Genetics have shown that the Ashkenazi are not descendants of the Khazars, but rather a cross of Dutchmen and Jews in the 14th century Holland, who then spread to Northern Europe. Yes, they are rivals of the Sephardim who are true Jews.

  2. Brother Bugnolo
    I thank you for your replies.
    I am not of your flock but from what I have read from other people it makes me feel upset that the Catholic Church and Christianity is being destroyed. Our history,
    compass and anchor, even our DNA is tied with the Church.
    Why must Russia be consecrated? I did read about the Miracle at Fatima Portugal with the children being visited by I think it was the Virgin Mary. There were three children but only Sister Lucia survived into adult hood. Many people witnessed the final visit.
    I thought that Russia had returned to Christianity with the Russian Orthodox Church? The Russian people suffered horrendously at the hands of the Bolsheviks and Communism, with Lenin and Trotsky and even more deaths in the USSR under Stalin. Of course Lenin and Trotsky’s names were not their real names. They were Jews, sent on a mission caused by a family feud, that I do not doubt. Unfortunately the Czar had laughed too much. I pray that we will not experience the same fate as the Russian people.

    So now I must ask another question. Is Satan the father of Cain? In other words:- Are there two seed lines in this world? From what I have read it would explain many things.

    1. Our Lady came to Fatima in 1917 to ask Russia to be Consecrated. Google fatima 1917 for more about this. Satan is the father of no one, since as an angel he does not, unlike us, have the power to generate. One more reason he hates us.

      1. This is off topic, but it is best not to use Google services. They record all activity performed on them and store it indefinitely. Google works in collaboration with government serveillance programs to collect personal information on people.
        Use private non-Google services when possible like Firefox browser, DuckDuckGo search engine, Protonmail secure email, etc.

  3. Brother Bugnolo
    May I ask what or who is preventing the Consecration of Russia? Do you need permission to do so from Russian authorities? Or is the problem a reluctance from previous Popes after the Fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989?
    Now of course there is the added complication of the Cardinal Bergoglio and Pope Benedict. I understand even as a so called Protestant that Pope Benedict is the real Pope. It just will not happen with Bergoglio.

    1. I cannot say for sure, but I think that some popes did not believe in Fatima and others were persuaded not to offend Russia. Bergoglio is not the pope, so he dare not do it, for it would not have any result.

  4. Brother Bugnolo
    I have just read again, as advised by you about The Miracle at Fatima. I do not mean to pester you, by writing so often, but I just had to say that the Globalists are in very Big Trouble and yet they don’t know it. I would Not like to be in their shoes. Far worse than anything they care to serve on us.

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