Frank Walker responds to Traditionis Custodes and what it means for the Church

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7 thoughts on “Frank Walker responds to Traditionis Custodes and what it means for the Church”

  1. Joseph Shaw can say goodbye to my Latin Mass Society sub if that’s what he thinks!

  2. When Francis proclaims that the Mass of Paul VI is the “unique expression of the “Lex orandi” of Roman rite while abrogating the received and approved rite of the Roman church, is he not, officially, going into schism?

    1. Yes, this is a formal sin of schism, on top of his sins of schism in being elected an antipope and selling the Church in China to the CCP.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that Quo Primum dogmatically demands celebration of the Mass of Pope St Pius V and prohibits the New Mass.

    Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum was in error by drawing equivalence between the two when only the TLM is authorized by eternal dogmatic Council.

    Ridiculously titled Orwellian Motu Proprio “Traditionis Custodis” was in error, invalid and illegal on its face, because no one on earth can render invalid that which has been previously declared dogmatic by a valid Pope in dogmatic Council with Bishops in communion with him.

    Quo Primum is the dogmatic law if the Catholic land – then as now, tomorrow, to the end of time and in eternity. The TLM of St Pius V is dogmatically declared the Divine Liturgy authorized by the RCC …. forever.

    1. The shorter argument is, Benedict XVI is the pope and did not sign that document. Therefore it is null and void from the get go.

      1. That is true, and fundamentally important.

        But practically speaking, even beyond the needs of this present crisis, Catholics need to return to the legal source that protects the Holy Mass from any and all who would modify it in even the smallest way, much less transform it into something new and abolish that which is sacred and as eternal as Holy Scripture.

      2. Yes, but arguments like the one you advance are used by those who refuse to recognize the pope of today, and thus simply are deceits of the devil in how they are used.

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