My Monthly appeal for those who can help…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

FromRome.Info is an electronic journal which I launched in January 2020, as an apostolate to bring to the truth to the English speaking world, about what is going on in the Church and in Italy.

This work is supported solely by you the readers, since as a Franciscan hermit, I have no income, pension or personal funds, to turn to, having heard the counsel of Our Lord, “Go and sell everything you have and give it to the poor”, 30 years ago.

My following of Our Lord Jesus Christ, years ago, has led me along a path I would never have thought to have tread, and at last, here, at Rome, during the Scamdemic and opening of the 4th World War, that of the Masonic Lodges against Humanity. — I do not doubt we are living in apocalyptic times.

And for that reason, I am truly thankful for the support you have been giving me all along, since January, 2020. This is a miracle of grace that the Lord manifests to me each month.  Thank you.

Due to the imminent threat of Vaxx requirements to purchase anything in Italy, this may be the last month I ask your help, before I flee Rome and or Italy. I know many of you will miss this electronic journal, but in times of great crisis, we need to recognize that use of electronic communications puts each and every one of us in danger. We soon will be proscribed for what we know and believe. That is the reality.

How long we will be able to continue our online friendship this way, I do not know. Great catastrophes and persecutions await us all, who hold fast to Jesus Christ and or refuse the Scamdemic’s thousand lies.

But for now, I make an appeal to my readers for their support, so I can continue this work for your sake. Alas, there is no other ways to help me, unless you come in person to Rome to meet me.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, for those 5% of you who read this and make a donation!

If you can help me in any way, please use this PayPal Button, to make a donation via Credit Card.  OR if you have a bank with Zelle services, you can also help me via a donation using the Zelle App.

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19 thoughts on “My Monthly appeal for those who can help…”

  1. Dear brother Alexis,
    Would Hungary or Serbia be a good country to flee to?

    1. I do not know, you would have to examine the details. I do know that, alas, the government of Hungary is purchasing the Vaxx from China. So I think that even ORban is a freemason or in the pay of the globalists, because I cannot bring myself to think that he is just stupid.

      As for Serbia, their government violated the constitution and remained in power, cancelling elections, and support the Scamdemic. So perhaps not even there

      1. I guess then the only way is to pray salmi imprecatori and pray the archangels to cover us and to protect us from being noticed. I also could register me and family in a faraway place in the south of Italy so that asl of where I reside can’t influence us.
        I am seriously considering moving FROM Emilia to the mountains where I have friends that have a network of people that could help. Asking you to pray for me my 2 children Serafino Giulia and husband who is an atheist and is considering the siero, please tell me what you think of moving to the mountains.
        God. Bless, God keep you safe
        Maria cover you with her Mantle

    2. I am Hungarian. Hungary is a full-on sanitary dictatorship by now. I am convinced that the right-wing, Christian show that Orban has been putting on for many years is exactly that… a show. He is doing an awesome job; people believe him and follow him. The government claims that over 50 percent of the population has been vaxxed and obligatory jabs for healthworkers were introduced a few days after France announced the same. I wouldn’t consider Hungary a good county to flee to at all.

      1. I don’t think it matters at this point where you are. What matters is what you do. Your actions speak louder than your words. And never forget that these Masonic psychopaths are ruled by evil itself. They intend to destroy everyone if that’s what it takes to rule with their iron fist of tyranny. Albert Pike said they would unleash the nihilsts and the atheists and that is what they have done.

  2. I am stuck in the US!!! Fear will end my life, I don’t know where to flee. I live by myself, no family no one can help. Friends who got the jab, turned against me. Any help with where to go, is appreciated 🙁

    1. Don’t lose hope. Join CrossAzure.Net and connect with fellow Catholics in the USA….and get advice…

    2. Nanni, I am late to find/read your message. Please reply if you find this message. I pray you are safe and well.

      1. Vee, I am still safe but don’t know where to go! Mandates are reaching all states. I am praying for guidance. 😔

  3. Try Albania, Br. Bugnolo. The mountains of Albania have always been a refuge for persecuted christians.
    God bless you and your mission.

  4. Legally my hands are tied, I have been on food stamps and Obama phone since 2011, but I have a gift for you.

    The music section is all high school kids.
    Scott Hahn did a lot of the backup instrumentals, I was in the girls chorus.

      1. you may well be forced to flee italy, but you
        just cannot end your website. God directed you
        to do this, and you know that in your heart and
        soul. you are a light unto the world, and you must
        keep that light burning brightly.
        roger in wilmington

  5. i’ve written and asked you to cover the 12th
    Century St. Malachy prophesy. he made the
    startling statement that the papacy would
    end. and now it has. for over 30 years i have
    believed that but never could understand
    how it could happen.

    1. First, its not from the 12th century. Second, its more a sibilline meter thana prophecy. Third, no one before the 19th century believed it was authentic. Fourth, it does not predict the end of the papacy. Fifth, after the popes of the 1570’s it is of doubtful accuracy and so vague. A prophecy from God is never wrong, it comes from a known source. This document comes from no known source. Therefore it must be judged to be part of the literature of superstition which arose in the 16th century, like Nostradamus’ works. Fake prophecy. To constantly refer to it is simply an error, and indirectly honoring the Father of Lies, not the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is why I do not talk about it.

  6. hi brother,
    thank you for explaining the St. Malachy prophecy.
    it is so ironic though, as i read about this about 40
    years ago. i believed it, and it came true!!! i never
    could understand how the papacy could end. and
    bergoglio explains everything.
    your friends at …..(snipped for privacy sake)

    1. Roger, we have discovered that the local postal workers are intercepting the mail. We are reporting the issue to the Postal Inspector. We ask you NOT to use the regular mail, but Fedex or UPS for now. Thank you for your support. If you have any evidence of a prior attempt to send a letter through the US post office, please describe what happened in a letter and attach photocopies, and address it to the President of Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., and include in in your UPS or Fedex letter to the non profit, so it can be submitted as part of an investigation. Thank you.

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