11 thoughts on “Mock Eucharist to deliver future Vaccines”

  1. Astrid shared this on Twitter and I had to share it on Cross Azure, proves exactly who these people are to create their own Mock Eucharist.

  2. Sacrilege how will we know the holy communion we receive isn’t tainted with vaccines?

      1. If this gets widely distributed then I believe God will intervene. He has to at this point, its getting way beyond acceptable and bare-able

      2. Hello, Br. Alexis. Are there churches that name Benedict as the pope? How can we find one? My parish mentions Francis as pope at mass.

      3. Priests name Benedict, not churches. Ask your priests, some can be found in monasteries. Ask the elderly priest who celebrate in private. Better yet convert your priest to the truth. In the right bar of this website there is a manual on how to do it.

  3. It just hit me, they have to use tongs to deliver the mock eucharist, to mock not the Latin Rite Catholics, but the Eastern Rite Catholics who do not even touch Our Lord, but is given by the Priest with either a golden spoon or golden tongs. oh that is super diabolic.

  4. Here in the US we have almost 190M people who have taken the vaxx and are therefore super spreaders of spike proteins. It’s not even safe to go to Mass. This is just an extension of what we’re already dealing with here; do I really want to go up to the rail knowing the priest is probably shedding spike proteins and co-mingling? It would be suicidal to do such a thing yet the Church has said nothing!

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