3 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Lord, the Church belongs to Thee!”

  1. Feast of St Mary Magdalene
    July 22, 2021 A. D.

    Absolutely charming. Easy to see how he provokes the joyless Anitpope Francis to insane fits of jealousy and envy. Pope Benedict has and has ever had the spirit of childhood, taking joy in the goodness of all God’s creation.

    He is Abel to the other’s Cain, which is why Cain wants to cancel him and all he stands for, most recently the Old Latin Mass.

    I invite you to see, for example, https://www.antoniosocci.com/ora-bergoglio-cancella-ratzinger-dopo-aver-abbattuto-i-pilastri-del-pontificato-di-giovanni-paolo-ii/ .

    Viva il Papa! Viva Benedetto!

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