Stew Peter’s on the “reality” of the so-called Covid-19 Pandemic

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10 thoughts on “Stew Peter’s on the “reality” of the so-called Covid-19 Pandemic”

  1. 400 years ago- Mayflower, Day by Day – Wednesday, 21 July 1621
    Posted 21 Jul 2021 3:56 AM |

    Scarcity and Plenty

    One last comment about the visit to Pokanoket — despite the glowing reports of what was available for the taking in the wild and in the waters, this was clearly a subsistence economy: there was not much left over, and while the travellers regularly met natives who were happy to share with them, as the Pilgrims had been sharing with the hordes of visitors to their new settlement, there was nothing left over.

    This is a part of Massasoit’s great embarrassment about their visit: he had been away, and thus there was nothing prepared for the entertainment.

    Each person probably brought his own food, and there was very little left over for the two messengers to share. There was only a limited means to preserve food, and the Pilgrims were constantly careful to put aside food for the winter, as well as having seed for the next spring’s planting.

    And nothing, absolutely nothing, could go to waste; everyone had to be on the lookout for what use could be made of what God had provided.

    That is all…..

  2. Stew and others who are interviewing Dr. Mc Cullough are the only ones I’m aware of who are speaking the full medical truth about the vaxx, based on about one year of peer reviewed research. Dr. M brings up an important fact, he says no medical doctor would ever prescribe this vaxx it is VOLUNTARY. He has been asked is the damage fixable, his response is no. These voluntary sheep are super spreading new strains as well as spike proteins. If we don’t stay away from them they will kill us all, that is the NWO agenda.

    1. Coronavirus 19 as such does not exist and it is all hype but the vaxx is the wanted tool of exterminatio and sterilization

      1. The virus is Satan spiritually and the vax is the baptism of death.
        Satan apes Christianity in reverse.

      2. Is the spike protein/viral transmission shedding phenomenon real or is that also hype? Please let us know your opinion.

      3. It is real, for every protein in your blood can by osmosis pass to your sweat or through your skin. But persons injected with the Vaxx produce it for perhaps no more than 3 months maximum, but those with HIV who are vaxxed might produce it for the rest of their lives, also those who unusual genetic reactions, because with these the mRNA can possibly recode the DNA of their bodies and make them spike protein producers for life. I would imagine in such cases they wont live long, but as the mRNA vaxxes cause all your cells to possibly produce spike proteins, it is a real danger. I ate some unwashed tomatoes the other day and had a very bad reaction, which was nothing like a fever or bacterial infection, and so I wonder.

  3. I am not aloud to post~ US churches reckon with traumatic legacy of Native schools
    United Church of Canada Archives

    In this 1910s photo provided by the United Church of Canada Archives, students write on a chalkboard at the Red Deer Indian Industrial School in Alberta. In Canada, where more than 150,000 Indigenous children attended residential schools over more than a century, a National Truth and Reconciliation Commission identified 3,201 deaths amid poor conditions. (United Church of Canada Archives via AP)

    The discoveries of hundreds of unmarked graves at former residential schools for Indigenous children in Canada have prompted renewed calls for a reckoning over the traumatic legacy of similar schools in the United States — and in particular by the churches that operated many of them.

    U.S. Catholic and Protestant denominations operated more than 150 boarding schools between the 19th and 20th centuries, according to researchers. Native American and Alaskan Native children were regularly severed from their tribal families, customs, language and religion and brought to the schools in a push to assimilate and Christianize them.
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    1. This program of indigenous schools was a state program. That Christian organizations participated made it much less severe. Now the Masons want to blame Christians for their own policies. So like them, perverse hypocrites that they are.

  4. On the subject of transmission. Layman research is almost non-existent. I’ve been listening to every doctor’s opinion I could find in alternative news. Dr. McCullough is my best source of information. Unlike a lot of doctors he actually keeps up with medical research, and publishes quite a bit himself. It’s my understanding the spike proteins continue to be produced by the body in all cases after getting shot. This is precisely why these individuals will all be dead in about three years time, their immune systems invariably destroyed, they are in a continuous state of inflammation. Technically I don’t follow all the nuances but that’s the gist of it. Stay away from these people. This is a situation like before the vaxx which was only six months ago! Everyone frolicking around with these people like they’re still normal, they’re not, they’re now agents of mass destruction.

    The good news is the doctors I’ve listened to say it’s not transmitted by food. However with magnetism showing up in food sources, like meat some say, it’s not clear. I’ve read they’re putting graphene in food packaging, that could be the problem. If graphene (oxide) is in the packaging and/or food common sense would say that’s not good.

    1. Thank you Joan for explaining. I was worried about food being a source of spike protein transfer. Most of the people in my neighborhood are almost fully vaxxed. Some like to share their food with us in a friendly manner. I was worried about getting ill from eating their food because they are vaxxed. Anyway, I do keep away from most vaxxed people as best I can. The rest is all prayers.

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