8 thoughts on “The Alex Jones “Conspiracy Theory” of 2018 is now fact”

  1. Alex Jones was so vindicated since last year. Years of people ridiculing and jeering at him.

    Too bad he can’t celebrate being vindicated.

  2. Alex Jones is a high level Freemason and controlled opposition…just FYI.

    1. If he is, then he is not controlled enough, because he spoke the truth. If he is, then not as a mason but as an insider.

  3. Unfortunately, it has long been known that Alex Jones is a CIA operative. The times when he is “persecuted” help perpetuate the myth that he is really one of us. I have learned a lot from him over the last 15 years or so, but I just keep my guard up. He will never, ever name the the religious affiliation of the real perpetrators; he will only call them “globalists” or name certain family names like Rockefellers and Rothschilds. He has tended to be a real and hysterical fear monger over the years, which plays into the globalists’ plans. He has been caught hiding certain important truths and so misleading people, all the while revealing a TON of truth. So my input here is that we need to be cautious concerning Jones, while benefiting from the truth that can be had from him. And yes, he is most likely an INSIDER.

  4. PS: One way to vet/discern a “truther” is this: The truthers who have a good potential for being authentic (amidst a sea of fake “truthers” — like Taylor Marshall — who may nevertheless have an ocean of truth with their drops of poison) are those who acknowledge and teach that our politics are nothing but a FALSE left/right paradigm,

    Authentic “truthers” are cognizant that ALL our major national and international leaders (of BOTH major national political parties) are working for the SAME team, or are puppets and do what they are told if they want to stay alive. (The heads-of-state in Haiti, Burundi and Tanzania ALL just suspiciously died recently. ALL had opposed the covid agenda and UN interference in their countries, and ALL were eliminated accordingly.) Looks like they weren’t puppets like Trump.

    Alex Jones has been a rabid Trump supporter and promoter of the false left/right paradigm forever…. He pushed ad nauseum Trump — Trump, the fake “conservative” globalist puppet who a) “warp speeded” the covid “vaccine” agenda to kill us; b) accelerated the GMO food agenda to poison us; c) gave us and maintained Fauci as our covid liar-in-chief; d) positioned Israel with everything it wanted; and e) reinstated the government’s arming of remote, podunk law enforcement jurisdictions with military weapons and equipment “surplus” so that “we the people” are now doomed to be majorly outgunned when a certain level of crisis hits.

    Likewise people like Dave Hodges and even Mike Adams are highly suspect because they continuously push the “Republican vs. Democrat” fake, fake, fake narrative.

    All major political parties, and their figureheads, are ALL part of the multi-headed beast intent on destroying God and man in this world. ALL real truthers will know this. But just because some “truthers” may indeed know this doesn’t guarantee that they are for real…. We live in a world of nearly universal deception…on all levels. And we have to be very, very careful…

    1. TV, multiple times gave it up, about ten years ago threw out the set for good. And I’ve never trusted the internet, from day one saw the direction it was going. I relied only on locutions from heaven for news for the past ten years, first in books later I started reading current locutions on the internet. There are about 20 locutionists around the world currently, most Church approved. After my mom passed I had some free time, discovered alternative news and here I am. Frankly the truth is ANYONE financially getting paid, even if it’s called charity, is not to be trusted. These sources are simply a time passing diversion, if you have the luxury of free time. The only real news comes from heaven.

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