The Next Round of Lockdown Madness has begun in South Africa
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3 thoughts on “The Next Round of Lockdown Madness has begun in South Africa”

  1. This is what happens here in New Zealand, every time they change the alert levels, for one so called suspected case. People are then in que with masks on att once, the store is template ready, even though the alert message says it will start the next day.. 12 hours later..
    English speaking countries are the worst at first.
    You won’t see this happen in Scandinavia.

    1. The same in Australia, I think, at present most of the country is locked up? And during this time the
      “smart virus” has managed to infect more and more people all the time. The country is being destroyed and people are losing everything. But we have hope, and our hope is in Our Lord Jesus Christ himself who will avenge.

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