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  1. This article seems to be in Portuguese. So I am not able to understand all of it, but it seems to me that they are in supporters of JB as Pope. Is that what one understands?

    1. This is an essay asking Traditional Catholics to open their eyes and return to Pope Benedict XVI.

  2. Brother Alexis,

    Found a Portuguese text of the article and using Deepl translated the last half of the article, which gives the main jest. Here follows the translation:

    “All the better, after all, as we once said to representatives of a militant association of lay people who at the death of their founder decided to fight among themselves and ended up splitting, a small flock cannot afford divisions: the cold would annihilate them in a few seconds. Could this also be the reason why the Lord has commanded us to pray (who does?) that our escape will not take place in a winter[14]?

    For our part we were (almost) entirely with Estefanía Acosta, who, when asked if she would give an opinion about this new Bergoglian imbroglio, gave us the brilliantly elucidative answer: “Nothing to say. Elementary, because everything has already been said in her study[15], that many of our heralds of tradition and defenders of truth, experts in orthodoxy and expert theologian-canonists, have not even taken the trouble to consult, with the proper provisions, this which is the only academic and systematic study of canon law published in book form – on its way to its fourth version! – about the MOST IMPORTANT EVENT in the life of the Papacy in two millennia: the resignation of Benedict XVI and the consequent election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio; which says a lot?

    However, as we do not have Acosta’s wisdom and aptitude, we believe that a few words are necessary to at least justify the title of this last article on the subject. Here they are:

    Francis, in this Custodes, once again sings to us the rock. In fact, he has been doing so since his discreet and apotheotic appearance on the balcony of the Vatican with his mouth like a ventriloquist’s dummy (no disparagement, just an observation), which leaves many of our dear Catholics, especially the clergy, somewhat disconcerted by having to remember, almost on a daily basis for more than eight years, that a pope can occasionally be disobeyed.

    However, their Guardian of Tradition is clear, and there are no misunderstandings. At least about his intentions. And since the “bishop dressed in White”[16], despite the much-vaunted synodality, really likes to be unanimously obeyed, we declare that we are finally with Francis. He commands, we obey, as Christ also commanded us to do so with some of the mandataries of the time, although without emulating them. And if our dear Catholic Franciscans choose what to eat from the plate served to them by their father, we, may we be forgiven, also feel entitled to do so. In what way will we obey him? In “that the groups already celebrating with the old missal ‘do not exclude the validity and legitimacy … (of) the Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiffs'”.

    So, again grateful to the well-endowed and correct, but here entirely and seriously mistaken, Father Daniel Pinheiro (and so many and so many with him…): “We take this opportunity to reaffirm that the current pope (therefore, the Supreme Pontiff) is the Pope” BENEDICT XVI. And in the tangent of the motto in question, given that there is a magisterial Motu, valid and legitimate, the Summorum Pontificum; and in the wake of the mandate of Francis himself, responsible for lulling Father Pinheiro (and so many and so many with him…) with his stormy breeze, “we must thus ward off any temptation to deny this”. Why? Because “it would be a grave error!”.

    Serious, dear Catholics, very serious!

    Because here, dear Catholics, there is no “but” or “half-but”: it’s about the heart and core of the matter, prior to any consideration that can be made about this programmed effect bomb nicknamed Traditionis Custode, another Masonic-modernist linguistic trap, sine qua non everything else is “vanity and passing wind”: Francis’ orders, as a rule, must rather be disobeyed not because of whether or not they conform to canon law, natural law, morals and good customs; to whether or not there is reasonableness in them, contradictions with previous magisteriums or disagreement with the summa of St. Thomas. Here obedience is not possible simply because he is an anti-pope, therefore, an invalid, illegitimate pope, who usurps a place that does not belong to him, and consequently his acts are a pure “waste of paper. 17] In this elementary way, anything that comes from you, destined perhaps for heaven’s sake (the serene skies of Rome have already shown us that a little more than eight years ago), will bear the mark of the anti, like this anti-Summorum of yours, which is not even a motu propio, since it is not the Pope.

    This, dear Catholics, is a question of principles!

    For all these reasons, Eminent Bishops, Reverend Fathers, Dear Brothers (religious or lay), whose mission is to lead the little flock, to the best of their ability, along the narrow road, we make these urgent appeals to you: stop your philosophical-theological juggling to justify the unjustifiable. Stop covering the sun of justice with the sieve of error and vanity. Refrain from obeying half-truths and deceit, or, what is worse, pretending obedience to the truth. Put aside the love of numbers, of likes and tastes. Wash your hands of pharisaical hypocrisy, which more than anything else deserves the scorn of the wicked and the woes of the Lord. And once washed, wash your hands of pharisaical hypocrisy.”

  3. This is the first part of the article in translated to English:

    Note: the last paragraph is the first paragraph of the previous posting.

    “ When for the first time we heard about those invisible planes, undetectable to radar, so low were the altitudes at which they flew and the technology used, we thought: there is no longer anyone to stop man, only God.

    The “motu proprio”[2] Traditionis Custodes, which in something like to remind the invisible guardian angels, arrived, sneaky and low, imperceptible to the most attentive radars; it seems. If this were not the case, and the “Catholic media” from all over the world, with their thousands of algorithms and following thumbs, would not leave in an uproar, some as painful unfortunate hysterics struggling, already mindless, through the backyard; others, like late crusaders, more like a Block of the Third Age who, despite their equipment and clothing, do not go much further than carnival revelers awaiting a first spray of perfume to follow, now more relaxed and joyful, their procession; or even countless pious souls afflicted to hold the ark, even with the purest and best intentions. The usual temptations of the old-new Pelagianism.

    Curious, because for centuries the Dolorosa, under various invocations, painfully indignant had ordered us to take care of the monkey[3] already installed in the air, without our dear Catholics, well supplied, well-being and well-distracted, making a great chorus to the pain Das Dores . Or they would, but even tighten a little more a callus or two.

    Not to say that these things are the intrigue of the opposition, and it’s been six decades since, it seems, the Virgin, under the invocation of Do Carmo and through the mouth of St. Michael, told us: “To the Eucharist is given every time less importance”[4], a warning transmitted by the simple and semi-literate girls of the Cantabrian village, today, those who are still standing, already grandparents. And what to speak of the Saint of Pietrelcina, who cried, as an authentic crusader who bears the marks of the Cross, that his peers should cease the “carrion” towards the consecrated Divinity[5]? Or rather, the centenary threat currently fulfilled to the Servant of God Luísa Piccarreta, that “the churches are deserted, the ministers dispersed, the masses diminished”, and this, when it occurred, because “the sacrifices are an offense to me, the prayers insults , the adorations, irreverences, the confessions, pastimes without fruit”[6]? Here someone will say that it is a prophecy with a view to future times, with which we are in full agreement. It so happens that the same Divinity that foresaw it also complained about that time (early 20th century) with these words: “Daughter, see also the people who claim to be devotees, how many offenses are done to me, even in the most holy places, when receiving their own Sacraments, instead of leaving purified, come out even more muddy”[7]. Natural consequence of the action of the Salesian “impurity sewers” ​​already released to the fans of many Seminars and Religious Houses[8]. Everything, let us note, at a time when Summorum Pontificum did not exist, for the simple reason that there were no ordinary (and extraordinary) divisions that left the Roman as the only bifront in the list of Catholic rites.

    However, not only this noble lineage came out shouting their noble and righteous virtual indignation, sometimes (and we with them. Mea culpa!) under the curious epithets of “true and authentic Catholics”, “traditional Catholics”, or “ traditionalists” (sic!), “conservative Catholics”, perhaps lacking something of the nature of a “Catholic popular vanguard”, or perhaps a “Catholic Catholicism” that defines the space well. Good and sincere clerics and laity have also been taking a stand, approaching the subject in the most varied shades and with the best of intentions, that this is also necessary. One of these approaches, that of RP Delgado, published in our blog[9], seemed to us of singular importance, among others, due to its peculiar character explained in our introductory note. Or even the homily of R.P Pinheiro[10], which we thank for the little admonition that served as a couplet (our emphasis). Others, such as those of Barnhardt[11] and Bugnolo[12], to mention these, who explore, with their consolidated acumen, equal and distinct contradictions and misunderstandings of this “motu” in the light of the papal predecessor Motu. Or yet another one recently issued by none other than V. Emma. Your Reverend, Cardinal Zen, confirming the obvious (Deo gratias!): that this document was, among others, issued to humiliate Benedict XVI[13]. And so many others… In everything, and how everything works for the good of those who love (Rm 8, 28) and AMDG (St. Ignatius of Loyola), we see once again the mastery with which Divine Providence works chaos, by the point of uniting Greek Catholics and Trojans with a view to the common good.

    All the better, after all, as we once said to representatives of a combative association of lay people who at the death of their founder decided to fight among themselves, ending up splitting, a small flock cannot afford divisions: the cold would annihilate them in a few seconds. This would also be the reason why the Lord commanded us to pray (who does?) so that we….”

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