USA: Covid Vaxx deaths up 100% in one week!
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8 thoughts on “USA: Covid Vaxx deaths up 100% in one week!”

  1. What a sheepshow. Everyone who signed up for this sheepshot should be in a nursing home in protective gear, isolation, to prevent these dumbsheeps from killing of the rest of us. That’s kind of where I’m at with this. I can’t go to Church, can’t go anywhere really without risking my life. It’s time to quit blaming the drug dealers and tell it like it is, if these dumbsheeps hadn’t signed up for the sheepshot we wouldn’t have any problems. Yes I’ll pray for their sorry souls but they’re all beyond human hope.

    1. Is your name Joan? Ever heard Joan of Arc’s mantra, “Act and God will act”?
      Trust and seek Him first and JOAN UP!

  2. Here in Florida they cremate the remains of those who can’t afford it, dispose of them in the Gulf of Mexico. Should get interesting when this vaxx poison is turning up in our fish supply and on our beaches. Maybe then someone will take the spike protein shedding seriously. As of this morning we’re approaching 200M vaxxed in the US, well over 2B globally. If we’re disposing of remains in the Gulf there’s no telling what other coastal areas are doing. Do spike proteins survive cremation? Who knows. All because a bunch of egomaniacs wanted to post cute pictures on twit and fool-book.

    1. That’s terrible Joan, things are getting so bad everywhere. Here we are complaining in Australia but we are only locked up with the economy tanking and the jab hasn’t even been widely distributed yet. Not enough supplies they say, but we won’t let you out until more of you are jabbed – they say. It’s a state of emergency they say. And the sheep go baaaaaa baaaaaa baaaaaa.

  3. Br. Alexis, the situation is worse than what I said earlier today about disposing toxic remains in the Gulf of Mexico. Mike Adams is now reporting 20 states have signed up for a program to liquify these remains, dispose of them in the sewer system where they will be used as biosludge to fertilize crops. So they do in fact have plans to put the toxins in food. Mike says all his sources are confirmed and checked.

    1. The toxic spike protein, like every protein is biodegredable, and so in sludge wont last 3 months

      1. Oh. Um. That’s comforting. I guess. I’m sure the powers that be will ‘follow the science’, wait 3 months before they dump the sludge on crops that are used to make our food . . .

        I read a new batch of locutions this morning from Jesus. H e said he will fix us if I we get sick , no matter where we are, but only if we believe he can heal us. THAT I believe.

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