USA: Biden Regime to spend 100s of Millions to Vaxx 15% of population that does not want it

Prepare Yourself for the Biden PR Slam and Manipulation to Get that 15% Who Won’t Take the Vaccine

Why do you hate Benedict XVI so much that you do not want him back?

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I think at last, we who follow Canon Law and recognize it places us under a divine obligation to follow its terms in a papal resignation, on account of the word of Christ to Pope John Paul II: Whatsoever you bind upon Earth, shall be bound in Heaven – A direct reference to all papal laws regarding the transfer of the Papal office — of which Canon 332 is the key in the present crisis — We, I say, who follow Canon Law, need to ask those who for 8 years, after countless speakers, writers, bloggers, journalists, priests, Bishops and Cardinals have talked on the matter, but still continue to refuse that he is the one and only true Pope: WHY DO YOU HATE BENEDICT SO MUCH?

Because there really has to be a strong visceral hatred of Pope Benedict XVI to prevent many Catholics who know of this controversy and have the time to read the evidence, to fail to do so and recognize him as the one and only true Pope, NOT only because the facts and the law are 100% in favor of Pope Benedict XVI still being the pope, but ALSO because returning to POPE BENEDICT XVI is the easiest, fastest, and most complete way to reject the claims and errors of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in his pretension to be pope!

Even Sedes, who want a strong argument could not find one stronger, less in need of private interpretation, more clear and effective.


Could it be one or more of these reasons?

  • You do not give a bleep who is pope, you only care that your local parish or mass center accepts you each Sunday at Mass, so you can worship yourself in peace.
  • You do not give a bleep about God being Truth and requiring us to live in the truth, obey the laws of the Church, because religion for you has nothing to do with eternal judgement according to the laws of God. You are quite happy to grasp for that salvation promised to you by men, regardless of the fact that they have no power to provide salvation apart from God’s laws?
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he restored the Ancient Roman Mass to the faithful by granting them legal rights to have it and celebrate it.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he kicked more pedos and sodomites out of the priesthood than any other pope.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he attacked the dictatorship of relativism, upon which you have based your entire character, habits, life, friendships and career.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he represents paternal authority, hierarchical order, law and justice, and you want a Christianity or prefer a Catholicism, where ritual and faith is divorced from morality and obligation, and women do not have to submit to their husbands.
  • You actually do want the religion being ushered out by Bergoglio, because you already adore some creature in your heart, like sex, money, power, esteem etc., more that God, and to have a Catholicism in which you can practice your internal idolatries out in the open — like dumping your wife and taking another — while still being able to attend the TLM or show yourself religious on Sunday at your parish, is your heartfelt deepest desire.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because the Cardinals all despise and hate him and you are such a knave that if they won’t come to his defense, then neither will you.

But if none of these is the reason why you wont recognize Benedict XVI as the pope, even though he did not renounce the petrine munus as Canon 332 literally and explicitly requires, then please admit to yourself today, that you have NO reason for your perfidy but sloth and  irrationality. And what do you think that merits you before God?

Our Lady at La Salette told Melanie that at one point the Lord would be so angered at humanity that He will send His Angels and slay all His enemies. In the Apocalypse, the Horsemen wearing crowns (coronas) will kill a third of humanity.

Maybe, just maybe, all those who rejected Benedict and continue to embrace Bergoglio, the Vaxx preacher, are going to get the punishment they deserve?

Fear God, I say. And repent.  There is little time now. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cometh!