In Italy, the Vaccine Passport goes into effect as of August 6th

English translation:

As of August 6, 2021, it is obligatory to use the Vaccine Pass for:

    • At Restaurants and Bars, inside and at table
    • Public sporting events, spectacles, museums, shows, cultural places
    • Gyms, pools, beauty centers
    • Feasts, Festivals, meetings and congresses
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7 thoughts on “In Italy, the Vaccine Passport goes into effect as of August 6th”

  1. Could be worse. I wouldn’t panic until you see Churches and grocery stores on the list.

    1. Panic is what we should never do, but taking radical response measures we should all now be doing, or we are fools waiting for the slaughter to come our way.

      1. “Panic”. You mean like throwing all my things in 30 gallon trash bags, hauling them in cabs to storage bins in Manhattan and flying to Florida after 911? Then getting stuck here for 20 years taking care of my godforsaken family members? Yes, I agree. That would not be a a good idea. It’s time for radical separation of sheep and goats.

  2. The worse is around the corner!!!!!! We need to stay close to our Lord and take a stand. We can not let us control us.

  3. We all know what needs to be done, but we do nothing, because of decades of social and cultural conditioning, and that is why the awakened minority will fail. The world is where it is, because of ideological subversions working on the weak morons, that always comply, and conform, never really use their brains and critical thinking, and think that the rest of us are the dumb freaks. They are nothing but brainwashed fools.
    The Ostrich Effect is now global. These are the people that will step on you in a crisis, panic buy in supermarkets, be the informers who sells you out, dehumanise and demonise you, and then responsible for cause panic and masshysteria in general. It’s sickening.

    1. ‘We all know what needs to be done’. And only God can do it. You saw what happened in Jan. If we even say so much as one peep they’ll take us to a fema camp, or gitmo, or some perv camp. We have two choices, martyrdom or make a run for it. Dying a martyr as a Catholic is actually the better of the two, because we are guaranteed a place in heaven, at a high level. Personally all I want is a spot in the peanut gallery with my family; they may not have been perfect but I do still love them.

      1. We can never presume to have the grace of martyrdom, and this is why while our Lord praises it, He commands us to flee in times of persecution.

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