Soon your cellphone will tell you to go to a concentration camp…

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5 thoughts on “Soon your cellphone will tell you to go to a concentration camp…”

    1. So they lock up all the unvaxxed and it’s a medical fact all the vaxxed are walking dead….helllloooo. These people running the show are not half as smart as they think. I’ve never seen so much stupidity.

  1. Brother Bugnolo
    Have you heard of the Grand Solar Minimum? The ‘elites’ are in to astrology and astronomy. Our sun is said to be changing and not as hot as we have known. It is said that as a result we will be entering a mini ice age. So it will become more difficult in colder climates to grow the usual staples . Our weather patterns do appear to have changed. With this knowledge the elites blame the people of this world for the pollution that they have caused and try to make us feel guilty by blaming population. If anyone caused pollution it is the elite with their big industries and wars. They encouraged consumerism, but this no longer suits them. If they cared about people they would use their economic might to think about saving humanity, including teaching us how to survive. No, if it is true, they fear our survival and what consequences panic will produce, even though they are protected and sheltered. These deadlines that the elite are working with, meaning the UN Agenda of 2021 and 2030 are time tables for humanities destruction.

    1. Yes, we are entering a cold period and maybe the coldest period in the last 400 years, but not a mini ice age.

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