USA: Governor of Alabama says its time to start blaming the unVaxxed for the Pandemic

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8 thoughts on “USA: Governor of Alabama says its time to start blaming the unVaxxed for the Pandemic”

  1. According to an interview a commenter posted here between a German interviewer and Dr. McCullough, Dr. M. said emphatically all the original vaxxes are now medically obsolete. So the countless politicians saying things like this just reveals their incompetency. What’s amazing is how many incompetent politicians we have in the US.

  2. But has she made a statement about allowing in the hordes at the border, many of whom are bringing in Covid? These illegals are being distributed to states by the Biden administration, and apparently, many refuse to get a Covid shot! Does that stop their progress into the interior? It does not.
    We are seeing a new wave of believers, even Fox News and Hannity are shilling for the shot now. And here comes Gov. Ivey. The people of Alabama need to help her see how foolish her comment is today.
    Fifty fully vaccinated residents of New Jersey died recently of Covid. Covid shots are not preventing severe illness or death. This is what was predicted by doctors earlier. And it is said that the shots do not cover the Delta variant, which is like a cold. All viruses become more contagious and less lethal. That’s not me, that’s science.

  3. I am from Alabama, and she is well known for being a Democrat pretending to be a Republican in a conservative state.

    She and DeSantis, another pretend conservative, must have gotten their Freemasonic marching orders to push the death jab—or else.

    The Freemasons seem to getting desperate to get as many vaccinated before the vaccinated start keeling over and it becomes too obvious. I will bet they did not anticipate so many people would resist the death jab.

    1. I disagree, the TPTB were always aware that a percentage of the population wouldn’t submit since they have been wargaming this since Operation Lockstep. This is driving the herd into the pens – slow at first and then accelerates into the chute. This is nearing the end of the carrot and stick approach where they toss the carrot and start whipping with the stick.

  4. All these stupid doctors and experts should be in prison, and the ratbag Mrs Doubtfire should be burnt at the steak for Genocide.No Nurnberg for her. A witch doctor in darkest Africa would explain “the bio weapon jab and syringe is full of poison. You do not need 7 years medical training.

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