Why do you hate Benedict XVI so much that you do not want him back?

Editorial by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I think at last, we who follow Canon Law and recognize it places us under a divine obligation to follow its terms in a papal resignation, on account of the word of Christ to Pope John Paul II: Whatsoever you bind upon Earth, shall be bound in Heaven – A direct reference to all papal laws regarding the transfer of the Papal office — of which Canon 332 is the key in the present crisis — We, I say, who follow Canon Law, need to ask those who for 8 years, after countless speakers, writers, bloggers, journalists, priests, Bishops and Cardinals have talked on the matter, but still continue to refuse that he is the one and only true Pope: WHY DO YOU HATE BENEDICT SO MUCH?

Because there really has to be a strong visceral hatred of Pope Benedict XVI to prevent many Catholics who know of this controversy and have the time to read the evidence, to fail to do so and recognize him as the one and only true Pope, NOT only because the facts and the law are 100% in favor of Pope Benedict XVI still being the pope, but ALSO because returning to POPE BENEDICT XVI is the easiest, fastest, and most complete way to reject the claims and errors of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in his pretension to be pope!

Even Sedes, who want a strong argument could not find one stronger, less in need of private interpretation, more clear and effective.


Could it be one or more of these reasons?

  • You do not give a bleep who is pope, you only care that your local parish or mass center accepts you each Sunday at Mass, so you can worship yourself in peace.
  • You do not give a bleep about God being Truth and requiring us to live in the truth, obey the laws of the Church, because religion for you has nothing to do with eternal judgement according to the laws of God. You are quite happy to grasp for that salvation promised to you by men, regardless of the fact that they have no power to provide salvation apart from God’s laws?
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he restored the Ancient Roman Mass to the faithful by granting them legal rights to have it and celebrate it.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he kicked more pedos and sodomites out of the priesthood than any other pope.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he attacked the dictatorship of relativism, upon which you have based your entire character, habits, life, friendships and career.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because he represents paternal authority, hierarchical order, law and justice, and you want a Christianity or prefer a Catholicism, where ritual and faith is divorced from morality and obligation, and women do not have to submit to their husbands.
  • You actually do want the religion being ushered out by Bergoglio, because you already adore some creature in your heart, like sex, money, power, esteem etc., more that God, and to have a Catholicism in which you can practice your internal idolatries out in the open — like dumping your wife and taking another — while still being able to attend the TLM or show yourself religious on Sunday at your parish, is your heartfelt deepest desire.
  • You actually do hate Benedict because the Cardinals all despise and hate him and you are such a knave that if they won’t come to his defense, then neither will you.

But if none of these is the reason why you wont recognize Benedict XVI as the pope, even though he did not renounce the petrine munus as Canon 332 literally and explicitly requires, then please admit to yourself today, that you have NO reason for your perfidy but sloth and  irrationality. And what do you think that merits you before God?

Our Lady at La Salette told Melanie that at one point the Lord would be so angered at humanity that He will send His Angels and slay all His enemies. In the Apocalypse, the Horsemen wearing crowns (coronas) will kill a third of humanity.

Maybe, just maybe, all those who rejected Benedict and continue to embrace Bergoglio, the Vaxx preacher, are going to get the punishment they deserve?

Fear God, I say. And repent.  There is little time now. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse Cometh!

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16 thoughts on “Why do you hate Benedict XVI so much that you do not want him back?”

  1. Carissimo fratello in Cristo che ti sei votato al Signore,
    le tue osservazioni sono giusti. Preghiamo Dio faccia presto giustizia e ci liberi dal male che è seduto in Vaticano!!!!
    E quando penso ai tempi di BVI mi ricordo la suavità, l’ordine di Dio che regnava, la Pace che ne derivava, la Regalità e dolcezza con cui BVI parlava.
    Rispetto ad oggi, a quel tempo tutto era più giusto e BVI era il parafulmine per trattenere i castighi, perché faceva la Vononta di Dio.
    Dio vegli su BVI, gli dia lunga vita, gli dia molta salute al fine di sopravvivere al suo nemico.
    Dio ti benedica ti guidi ti protegga sempre insieme a Maria Santissima e il Serafico padre Francesco
    Tua sorellina piccolissima,

  2. I was pondering this question myself and before I saw your article I was thinking ” they hate Him ” and this is so called traditional Catholics. It is as if they are no longer Roman Catholics but Protestants who do not consider the Pope significant . They fail to consider that He is the Head of the True Vine appointed by God Himself in the Person of the Holy Ghost, the Successor of Peter in an unbroken line and He and Our Lord act as One – I think that’s correct and that is why in speaking as Pope He says We and Our- those who reject His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI reject Our Lord Himself and His Church. His Body. The Body is being crucified and the failure of Catholics to unite as One under the Authority and in fidelity to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is the reason for this. But try and tell them that and there is a stonewalling like that of an unfaithful husband.
    I was doing the same until I was shown the Truth. It’s like a spiritual blindness with deep roots of denial and I think it is a test of faith. The third secret of Fatima regarding the ruined city and the body’s and the Bishop in white weeping, are the souls that are spiritually dead and the arrows fired at the Holy Father are the detractions and refutations of Him and the denials and insults to which He is being subjected. This is why we are asked by Our Lady to pray for the Holy Father He will have much to suffer..meaning His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
    It’s like a form of Insanity. Perhaps we should pray for a return to sanity for the lost sheep.

  3. Well done! It is worth a good Italian translation and video readings in English and Italian to reach a larger audience.

  4. I believe it goes way back to the false obedience drummed into us & our forefathers since birth. People are not able to discern right from wrong, especially if they are instructed in a certain fashion by one wearing a roman collar or religious habit. Do as you are told; you wouldn’t understand explanations, I have spent years at college learning them & when I tell you to do this or that you must do it.

    I have been constantly asking Catholics over the past years to read the Canons governing papal resignations & elections in Latin as the translations are bad, but they won’t, either because they feel it’s not their job & they mustn’t question their apostate ‘masters’ in Rome or simply because it would cause them too much hassle & at the end of the day it’s simply politics. Even good priests & many Cardinals & Bishops have been fooled into believing that PBXVI has voluntarily resigned & that Francis has been imposed by the Holy Ghost upon us as a punishment, but in all cases to date they cannot stipulate that I have excommunicated myself from the Church as long as Benedict lives. These are supposedly men of learning & fortitude received at their ordinations but they simply refuse to investigate the matter & hold an imperfect council in order to carry out their duty to God & rid us of this Apostate, Heretic, Idolater who has ruined the Church’s teaching & brought ignominy on us all.

  5. I was wondering the same thing—why they, even otherwise orthodox priests—would choose a clear antipope over Pope Benedict.

    I think it goes back to Pope John Paul II and his “celebrity” status and his annual youth conferences. From a young age these Catholics who refuse to give up their allegiance to the vile heretic Bergoglio have been indoctrinated into believing that a new pope is crowned a “celebrity” and gets his authority not from Christ but from pop culture acceptance of this “celebrity.”

    And then they are all supposed to get together, sing and dance and have a lot of fun while cheering on and even worshiping like an idol this Pope “celebrity” who travels around the world to adoring crowds.

    That is why they hate Pope Benedict and get so angry when you suggest Pope Benedict is the real pope. He is not the latest celebrity crowned by pop culture acceptance, and since these traditional Catholics from such a young age have been indoctrinated to be slaves to pop culture, Bergoglio is their latest idol.

  6. Br. Alexis: Your Best Post yet! You reveal the true heart of this crisis in both the Church (and thus in the world at large) and is that the vast majority of Catholic simply no longer deserve the Church., and it would be hard to deny that those Catholics who make themselves such authorities on the faith, still can abandon the true Vicar of Christ to the very devouring wolves they claim to oppose and not be the worst of them all for such hypocrisy! God have mercy on us!

  7. Yes, many “Trads” seem to hate Benedict, they blame him for his resignation for leaving us with Card Bergoglio the “merciful”.

  8. Diabolical disorientation has taken over the world. Let’s be honest, Our Holy Father Benedict XVI was and is the Donald Trump of the Catholic Church. The pure hatred that was shown him from day one from every quarter was astounding and still carries on to this day. I don’t believe for one second that he stepped down willingly and for one thing he is far too intelligent to have made errors in Latin. He himself said there was much filth in the Church and also asked us to pray for him that he does not flee for fear of the wolves. We never are allowed to hear him speak. Unless it is from his lips to our ears, how are we to believe the things the Vatican puts out saying it is his thoughts and words. We can’t. Little Jacinta who saw Our Lady of Fatima said she saw the Holy Father weeping and we must pray for him much, I wonder if it is Pope Benedict XVI she saw. May God Bless Him and The Blessed Mother Watch Over Him.

    1. You say, “Our Holy Father Benedict XVI was and is the Donald Trump of the Catholic Church.” No, no, no…. only the appearance of a “transfer of power” is similar. Donald Trump’s claim to fame is that he is controlled opposition of the most subtle and manipulative kind. Truly he is the orator or circus barker to draw us all in. And I was drawn in.

      To observe the similarities in the the appearance of a transfer of power is one thing but that is where similarities between PPBXVI and DJT end.

      As you say, “May God Bless Him and Our Blessed Mother watch over” the servant of servants, Our Holy Father PPBXVI, who is the “visible source and foundation of unity” (CCC 882).

      DJT serves only himself and his dynasty.

      1. I meant that the hatred for both men was and is equal as it came and comes from every quarter imaginable to both Pope Benedict and President Trump. That is the similarity.

    1. All over the website you are looking at. Start with the videos on the right and left bar, and then the Index in the top menu.

  9. Br. Alexis,
    Thank you for this excellent post! Can you please tell me, a not-well-educated lay person, what we can/should do with & about this information? Even in my complete ignorance of canon law and of the inner conflicts among Church hierarchy, I felt in my gut that something was not right with Pope Benedict’s resignation; and had no trust in the process of it or the Cardinal elected to replace him. And whenever I voice my concern & unease with Francis, my 32year old son (who is very well educated in Latin, the Catholic faith, & Church history by the Benedictines and loves & lives the Faith) warns me of being disobedient to the holy father and the magisterium, and that I should not listen to or follow anyone promoting schism within the Church. I think the younger generation is completely duped by Francis & cannot fathom that he is a fraud.

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