Bergoglio attacked the Ancient Mass at request of Jewish Interests

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is a lot of truth in this video, and it merits to be heard in its totality. But Mr. Jones makes some errors in this video which are do egregious, I have to point them out to avoid the appearance that I agree with him on them:

  1. Archbishop Lefebvre by ordaining 4 Bishops in 1988 did not commit an act of schism nor did he go into schism. The canonical crime or fact of schism requires the rejection of the principle of authority as the legitimate source of ecclesial union. No on in the SSPX ever denied the true Roman Pontiff was the true Roman Pontiff until the Declaratio of Pope Benedict XVI.
  2. John Paul II did not excommunicate Lefebvre on canonical grounds, but on personal grounds of his disdain for the Traditional Latin Mass. Wotyla was a radical liberal who never wore a cassock off-clock and hated the ancient ritual discipline. That is why Paul VI named him to the Congregation for Worship when it said that the Novus Ordo abolished the old mass, which was a big lie.
  3. The error of seeking a simple explanation for a complex problem also has to do with those who blame all Jews for the problems which are being organized and orchestrated by the Masonic Lodges, especially the Skull and Bones, Pilgrim Society, Grand Orient and Prussian Lodges, which are only partly Jewish, but totally anti-Catholic. Not all Jews hate Christ or Christianity. Many do not even know Christ and have no interest in religion. Many Orthodox Jews are the best allies of Catholics. This does not diminish the fact that the militant atheistic, masonic or marxists among them are among the leaders of these movements in every nation. But we must not blame the race for the sins of some of its members, just as we do not blame all of the Crusades or Crusaders for the sins of a few of them. Nor did Paul by the term Jew signify all who were descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but rather those who rejected Christ, knowing Who He was and claimed to be. This is why in the Ancient Roman Rite the term, perfideus iudaeus is used. It refers to that part of Israel, not to the race as a race.
  4. Schism as a canonical reality or crime is not simply a sin against charity. The problem is not schism in the Church, but narrative control to direct Catholic forces, responses, and entities along lines which the Masonic Lodges have planned to divert, disrupt and break up opposition. The Church has never used the term schism in the canonical sense to refer to petty divisions or rivalries which exist or even arose among Saints.
  5. Cancer is not infectious between people, but it is infectious from organ to organ in the human body. For this reason, while it is against charity to leave others in error, it is not against charity to separate yourself from those in error, just as it is necessary to move out of a bad part of town if you do not want yourself to be murdered, mugged or have your children grow up to be druggies.
  6. Bishop Williamson is not outside the Church. To “accept Vatican II in the light of tradition”, a phrase which means accept Vatican II as an authentic magisterial act, is in fact contrary to the gospel and the theological Magisterium of Christ, which defines as pastoral the preaching of the truth or the establishing of discipline which is based upon that. Vatican II declared to do neither, but insisted it was pastoral. That is the Great Anti-Logos Lie of the modern times and modern ecclesiology.
  7. There never was one Latin rite in the Roman Church, except perhaps in the first centuries. Nor does ecclesial unity require or come about from one rite. Such a thesis contradicts the reality of the Church in 2000 years which has more than 23 rites.
  8. It is not the mind of the Church that the Novus Ordo be the modern form of the Mass, in fact, there is no definitive decision of the Roman Pontiff in this sense. Nor can it be, since the Missale Romanum of St. Pius V declared the opposite and such a declaration cannot be undone by any Roman Pontiff in aeternum.
  9. The liturgical consumerism does not come from permitting the wider use of the Ancient Rite, by Pope Benedict XVI, it comes from the fact that the Novus Ordo was introduced by Paul VI and created a vicious debilitating downward dragging liturgical habit in most of the Roman Rite. That is why the good of souls demands it be abolished totally. It is not of God, and if you cannot see that, you know nothing about the Logos.
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15 thoughts on “Bergoglio attacked the Ancient Mass at request of Jewish Interests”

  1. Touche! I particularly appreciate the ascerbic bite of your final sentence. Very good.

  2. If as E M Jones says it is the Jews who have infiltrated the Jesuits, then Bergoglio is a Jewish plant, but he won’t follow the logic of his own reasoning that Bergoglio usurped the papacy. He is rigid in his own misconceptions blaming the true pope, Benedict and absolving the antipope Francis.

  3. Excellent explanation of the suppression of the gospel by Dr. Jones. Every Catholic needs to hear this to truly understand what is going on today within the Catholic church.

  4. Side bar commentary….I find it interesting to note that Jorge Bergoglio availed himself (and maybe still does avail himself) of therapeutic sessions with a Jewish psychiatrist.

    Bergoglio stated the “sessions” helped him very much.

    Pope reveals he had weekly psychoanalysis sessions at age 42
    This article is more than 3 years old
    Francis says he visited psychoanalyst for six months ‘to clarify a few things’ and that now nothing frightens him

    Pope Francis
    Pope Francis: ‘The psychoanalysis helped me a lot.’ Photograph: Giuseppe C/PacificPress/Barcroft
    Harriet Sherwood and Angela Giuffrida in Rome
    Fri 1 Sep 2017 12.26 EDT

    Pope Francis has revealed that he sought the help of a psychoanalyst for six months when he was 42 and the leader of the Jesuit order in Argentina during the country’s military dictatorship.

    The pope’s disclosure was made in a book based on 12 in-depth interviews with the French sociologist Dominique Wolton, to be published next week.

    Francis said the weekly sessions with the psychoanalyst helped him a lot. “For six months, I went to her home once a week to clarify a few things. She was a doctor and psychoanalyst. She was always there,” he told Wolton for the 432-page book Pope Francis: Politics and Society.

    Pope’s psychoanalyst visits show his struggle in Argentina’s ‘dirty war’
    Read more
    “Then one day, before she died, she called me. Not to receive the sacraments – because she was Jewish – but for a spiritual dialogue. She was a good person.”

  5. And not only the Rothschilds, but the decisions probably made by the Masons, Communists, and UN( the forces of antichrist in other words) —It is a New World Order—and as I watch Francis–friendly to just about all religions everywhere( except Traditionalist True Catholics)there seems to be something satanic about this ( and the work of his predecessors) for putting the Latin Mass out of business ( and with Vatican II creating a New Religion)—It is not Catholic at all ( only in name) but a New World Religion( under the guise of ecumenism )—What happened to the kind of Popes who were “prisoners of the Vatican ” and refused to compromise with the world? It must be the heresy of “Americanism” that perhaps the Vatican turned into a “melting pot” of Babylon where even Pachamama could be worshipped alongside of Christ to the hurrahs of the globalists

  6. Jones also sadly continues to be wrong about the Consecration of Russia and about Fr. Gruner and is deliberately mischaracterizing Fr. Gruner’s arguments. It was never about “what Fr. Gruner wanted”, but the plain evidence of what Mary and Christ stated plainly to Sr. Lucia about how THEY wanted the Consecration done, and shedding light on Lucia’s consistent testimony prior to her silencing and the attributing of words in her mouth after the fact by proven unreliable sources during the John Paul II era. The warnings of Fatima have all been coming true right on schedule in the run up to 2029, nearing 100 years since our Lord said the time had come to do it, and warned us not to delay least we follow the failure if the Kings of France.

    That Jones selectively ignores current events and the rise of worldwide communist movements and apostasy in the Church as nothing to do with Fatima, and insists that God is fine with modern secular Russia for preserving some semblance of its schismatic Christianity when God wasn’t fine with a more strongly orthodox Russian monarchy over 100 years ago is laughable.

    Jones has done a lot of great work, but he has dropped the ball hard and logos goes missing from his vicinity whenever it comes to the topics of the SSPX, Fatima, and Francis’ legitimacy.

  7. It is all a bit abstract for this lay Catholic, but I like both “versions” of the Mass, the main reason is the language and I like hearing the Mass in English and feel more involved in the Mass. I see no problem with Latin and Novus Ordo being celebrated concomitant as valid fulfilment of Christ’s command to “eat my body, drink my blood and to do it in memorial of him in perpetuity. The Mass is unique in the world, defines the Catholic Church and is its raison d’etre, long may Latin and the vernacular continue.

    1. there was never anything preventing the TLM being translated accurately into the Vernacular. That is the solution to the intelligibility issue which you raise, but the Vatican never allowed it, because the trads refused it and the modernists refused it, and the Catholics wanted it.

      1. i dont know if youll see this brother but i have found canon law(after i was directed where to look) that states any pastor who wants to put mass into vernacular is anathema. would you say that i am reading this wrong?

  8. There is something to be said for keeping the Mass in Latin, because first and foremost, it is an offering to God, and dead languages such as high Latin and Greek etc. are symbolically clean and set aside from theur commonly spoken variants and other vernacular mothertongues.

    I’m not opposed in general to a vernacular version of the same (not to be confused the the NO), but in an age where everyone can read, improved bilingual missals and apps can do the job and keep you more engaged.

    Also, ironically where once Catholics could travel the world and all were familiar with the Mass in Latin, now there is only a Babel-ian cacophony of multi-language masses and that’s only more divisive and now requires addotional groupings of cultures away from each other in the own cultural and linguistic communities. Like an anti-Pentecost.

    As someone who can only speak one language, I have no trouble following the Latin Mass, especially with dedicated parishes printibg out the day’s reading and prayers prepared for those who attend. It’s a little extra work, but I feel all the liberal complaints about the Latin Mass are heavily exaggerated to serve their ends, much like they exaggerate the threats of crimed against LGBT, the threat of Covid, and the threat of hidden racists everywhere. It’s all bogus dishonest nonsense.

  9. Jones is an ass. That he’s right on some small part of the problem is insignificant. A broken clock is right twice a day. His attacks on and contempt for Fr. Gruner, Bishop Williamson and the Society are willfully ignorant and disgusting. He should be shunned.

  10. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Jones because he’s not afraid to speak out about the Khazarian ‘mafia’ (of sorts). But he couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to the SSPX. Thank you (Br. Bugnolo) for making this very important clarification. I’m surprised Jones is ignorant of the truth of this situation. Bishop Schneider made it clear that they are not in Schism as have other in the Curia. I’m amazed he’s ignorant about this. Also … it is SO MUCH MORE than just being about the Latin Mass. He apparently didn’t read Archbishop Lefebvre’s open letter to confused Catholics.

    1. The SSPX are in schism line is really amazing, when the ones who so glibly pronounce it, fall into irrational mutterings when you ask what it would take for Bergoglio to be in schism….

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