Bergoglio’s health is much worse that the Vatican is admitting

 by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglio’s health is much worse that the Vatican would like to admit. The truth of that was revealed in his decision, yesterday, to not publicly appear for the World Grandparents Day Commemoration Mass, today.

The tweet above in French, reads:

Pope Francis will not celebrate the mass for the First World Day for Grandparents, as has been previously arranged. For reasons of health, he has preferred to ask Mons. Rino Fiscella, the President for the Pontifical Council for the Evangelization of Peoples.

The tweet by @AgenceIMEDIA, I.Media, is from the official account of that agency, which specializes in news from the Vatican. Their website is

To appear at a Mass is not difficult. You only need to show up. Bergoglio is not even being allowed by his doctors to do that.

That means, that he is probably confined to bed, still, and the reports saying that he was again able to walk, were false or misleading.

There were references to the fact that his convalescence will take several weeks, but clearly if it is so serious that he cannot even show up at Mass, for such an important public event, then it is worse than they are admitting.

Inflammation of internal organs is endemic with those who have taken the Vaxx.  The Vatican has said that Bergoglio has taken the Vaxx. Ergo.

The Church has arrived in the pit of a crisis so profound, that it is not at all uncharitable to say in public, anymore, that nearly all her problems can begin to be solved, as soon as the Lord or Lucifer calls Bergoglio from this life to his reward.

While I leave all judgement to God, I pray that he shorten the days, as He promised to do.

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8 thoughts on “Bergoglio’s health is much worse that the Vatican is admitting”

  1. It’s like the situation in the US; so Biden goes, then what. There are hordes of demons backing them up. In many ways both men are puppets of a machine.

  2. That backs up what my PP told me recently. He is a personal friend of Cardinal Sarah & is also close to PBXVI. The time is near for the great schism of the Ape & German Churches. There is a lot of ‘goings on’ in the background but this will be for nought if Catholics (of all political description foisted upon us) don’t collectively & immediately unite with their good priests & prelates to oust this small but demonic section from the CC thereby revealing the Bride of Christ in all Her splendour.

  3. If Bergoglio goes the more timid are more likely to admit that Benedict is the pope.

  4. I’m sure you have not been vaccinated. The Masonic elite knows the danger of ‘vaccines’.

  5. I just want to know something, and this is not to defend Pope Francis, but what happens to people who aren’t quite sure yet if, indeed, he is the anti-pope (but they ae seeking to know, praying to know)?

    Also, for the people who are calling him anti-pope, should they be attending Holy Mass?

    I know someone who has shared with the public that she thinks that Pope Francis is the Anti-Pope, yet she attends my Church, where Pope Francis is mentioned in the Canon (obviously), and receives Holy Communion. Is she not committing the mortal sin of schism? She is 100% (in her convictions) that Pope Benedict XVI is the true pope.

    9:11 AM

    1. Catholics have all kinds of differnt approaches and opinions on this matter, because if you do not have the facts and the knowledge of the Church laws and the intellectual tools and character to follow them to the conclusion, PLUS a good knowledge of your faith, then you will end up in one of several positions. Many Catholics merely out of not having an clergy in communion with Pope Benedict XVI in their area think that they need to go to Mass regardless of which pope is named. This is not true and is actually against Church teaching. In a Papal Schism, from the momement you know who is the true Pope you are gravely obliged not to attend Mass where the antipope is named and your are dispensed from Sunday Obligation in the case that there are no such churches or masses in your area. But those who do not do this most llkely do so not out of malice but out of a mistaken understanding of the conditions under which we should receive Communion at Mass or a confusion that the chief act of religion consists, not in Communion with Christ, but in receiving the Sacrament from wheresoever it can be had, like a consumer product.

  6. WOW. No one ever told me this, and I haven’t read it anywhere, but intuitively I knew it to be true. I’ve known forever that I’m ‘wired’ Catholic, intuitively I can sense when things are not right. This is very interesting. Even the services every Sunday I watch on the internet literally I can’t get through them any more, some of them actually make me feel sick to watch. Like this priest in Florida last Sunday, I kept looking at him for 30 minutes and I still don’t know if it was a male or a trans whatever. I can sort of tell from their attitude also, they can be downright flippant, like they’re mocking the Mass. Or playing a part in a theatrical production, that I can sense too.

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