6 thoughts on “Body Language Analysis of Antony Fauci, while under interrogation by Ran Paul”

  1. Fauci, yet another stray Catholic, the product of a Jesuit education, who now self identifies as a humanist. A quick search on him, two recent awards given for his ‘great’ work, by Catholic organizations. This is fairly typical in my travels thru life for the past six decades; stray Catholics I’m sorry to say are IMO some of the most dangerous people on the planet.

    1. He has to be a stray catholic in lower case, because a Catholic he is NOT. Sad to say but good people, especially good Catholics could not hold positions of great power in todays’ world because satan wouldn’t allow it.

      1. Bill and Melinda Gates apparently were active in a Catholic Church, it has been reported, Tony Blair as I recall is/was associated with The Church, Macron as I recall, Biden and his new Protestant wife of course, how that works I really don’t understand since she is divorced….the list is practically endless. It will become obvious that the Church only exists among the remnant faithful. They will soon change the Consecration, that’s our signal that Jesus too has fled the scene.

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