Israel: Rothschild Dictatorship demands all be vaccinated, denies Synagogue to unvaxxed!


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7 thoughts on “Israel: Rothschild Dictatorship demands all be vaccinated, denies Synagogue to unvaxxed!”

  1. Brother Bugnolo
    Are they now about to kill the True Orthodox Jews? Israel is owned by the Rothschild’s I have read.

    1. Most those who truly believe never went to Israel. But I do think the Rotchschilds want to kill off all other jews who disagree with them. The orthodox are a very small minority in Israel. But I have not been following the news there, to be able to say who is and who is not resisting the Scamdemic.

  2. If they truly believe the so called unvaccinated are endangering the health of everyone then why not build colonies or cities for us? The elite have plenty of money. But of course that isn’t on their agenda. They want to depoulate the earth, through the so called vaccines and every other means possible and rebuild a world for themselves.

    1. You mean ghettoes and then concentration camps? That’s already in the plan and in the works: quarantine facilities.

      You have to keep in mind that leaving people who refuse the injections alone sends the wrong message: i.e. it tells others that it’s OK to refuse. They can’t have that; hence all the persecution.

  3. Yes, the history of England’s reputation is not so great. The Queen of England QEII and her family are related to the Rothchild’s via Louis Mountbatten who was Prince Philip’s Uncle. Of course Prince Philip wanted to be reincarnated as a virus for reasons of depopulation. Prince Charles is heavily involved with the WEF and Climate Change scam and also Prince William. Prince Andrew involved with Epstein, Gates and all that that entails. Then there will always be the mystery of Diana’s death. Harry Windsor moved to America with his wife, next you’ve got BLM in America and else where. Keep watching these individuals. Times are very interesting. What ever is going on I am quite certain the Black Nobility are behind it.

    1. Mountbatten was a close ally of the Rotchschilds and that Queen and HER FAMILY has always honored them. But I do not think there is a blood relationship.

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