Supplements to take if you have been injected with Graphene Oxide (Spanish, English)

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I listened to the whole thing yesterday, wanted to listen again taking notes.

  2. Excellent! Great post. I am in UK. Not had this deathvax – never will. Started taking NAC about month ago. Really feel the benefits. Also take Zeolite spray which detoxes body by removing metals.

      1. Yes, and this is a great time to break the addiction to amazon anyway.
        You can still order it from many other websites, and I have noticed that it is getting restocked in many stores, some of course obey their overlords and wont stock it, but just buy from someone who is.
        Do a duckduckgo search to find it. The prices have come down too from what they were when the so called ban started.

  3. They may kill me me and then they will have my body but I will never give them my obedience. No jab ever.

  4. There is no scientific evidence that Graphene Oxide has a shelf life or half life in the body or that any of these supplements prevent graphene oxide has any effect on slowing down the replication of the billions of spike proteins in the “vaccinated.” What most people fail to understand is that graphene oxide along with spike proteins is at war in the human body to absorb and use oxygen which is necessary for the heart, lungs, brain, and blood. The replication process cannot be altered by NAC or zinc or anything else. Everyone who has been injected will be dead within 10 years, and sooner if the victim is given multiple jabs or boosters. There is no cure for this global genocide.

      1. I hope they find one. But as of this moment, NOTHING stops the battle for oxygen to take over the human body by spike proteins, prions, and its mechanism of graphene oxide. People have been selling snake oil and lying about “cures” for centuries. Understand this: The Lethal Injection is a BIOWEAPON. Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Dog-Torturer Fauci and Big Pharma have all planned this for many years. This is a premeditated plot to kill the “Useless Eaters” of the planet in order to honor the Mission of the Georgia Guidestones. Don’t believe liars trying to sell Pine Needle Therapy or Suramin Therapy. Only God can correct this. And He will do so on His time schedule, not ours.

    1. Wrong. Lab results did prove that it can be removed with NAC and Glutathione. That’s why these supplements are being removed and made illegal by the Globalist that want to kill us. There is also a way to remove spike proteins that I will not get into here. And by the way, it’s coming out that graphene oxide might be in the chemtrails that has been going on for DECADES. Those that took the great supplements like this and vitamin C have stayed healthy despite the spraying- and they’ve lived more than 10 years.

  5. It’s my understanding supplement suggestions are all for the UNvaxxed. Maybe that’s the title of the video, true, and perhaps the speaker’s intention, but based on all the medical reports so far I think it’s safe to say there is no human remedy for the jab. Of course God can and does work miracles if we believe.

    1. We unvaxxed take supplements to avoid COVID. But as you correctly pointed out, the suggestion does not apply to those who have been jabbed, since none of the supplements referred to can stop the cytokine storm of spike proteins and prions containing graphene oxide from replicating and soaking up oxygen in the body to a point where this attack results in anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer and endothelial cancer. May God send a lightning bolt to strike down the Georgia Guidestones and all of the demons who are murdering humanity in the name of that Satanic structure limiting the world’s population to 500 million, thereby giving license to Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab to kill the rest of us 7 billion.

      1. Covid is a label created by the new world order. Flu is designed by the body to rid that body of toxins. It designs symptoms to match the pathogen.

  6. Spanish reseachers concluded that Alcohol elimates it from the body. There is heavy pressure to close bars and clubs early and curtail drinking. This cant be a coincidence.

  7. Dear brother Bugnolo, I understand that you have lungproblems.
    There are reports that diluted and nebulized nitrogenperoxide can stop infected lungs.
    If you want I can go searching where I found this information.
    I do remember the nitrogenoxide is diluted sown to 3% and after nebulized in one of those handheld machines.
    Also MMS might have a chance. MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Solution and was discovered by Jim Humble. provides info and also an Italian website about this product.
    I pray this will be of any help.

    John from Rotterdam

    1. Thank you. My GP put me on a cortisone spray inhaled delivery medicine, and I can breathe much better. He thinks that I may have an allergy induced asthma problem, since I have never lived in a city, and in the summer pollution at Rome it at top levels.

  8. Is there any clinical means to measure graphene oxide concentration in the body? Thank you so much for posting this.

  9. I have been doing a detox with zeolite powder hoping to detox from heavy metals but I am concerned it may actually enhance the graphene oxide toxins I may be carrying. I haven’t had the vaccine but I do work with clients that are vaccinated and wear masks when required?

  10. I haven’t taken the jab but supposedly there is GO in many different products including rain water. It has been found in rain WTF!! Also, even moderna admits that these vaccines shed and can infect untaxed so I am taking prophylactic measures based on weeks of research and I like zeolite as well because it is negatively charged and proven safe and very effective in heavy metal detox because of its peculiar properties of being a porous (cage-like) structure with negative charge making it act like a magnetic sieve to attract and trap toxins (neutralizing) for removal. Also zeolite was used to detox radiation toxicity from nuclear fallout in Chernobyl. These are the best suppliers in my experience
    Also from what I found researching this topic the Spanish researchers from the 5th column they also claim that NAC (N- acetyl cysteine) is a powerful supplement which gets the body to excrete glutathione which apparently has been proven to detox graphene oxide. It has also been removed from amazon which is a clue that it may work. It is said to be hard to find so here is my supplier I hope this helps someone

  11. I have not taken the jab but my husband has taken 2. I live in fear a lot of the time. We have a 2 year old daughter. I have ordered NAC, milk thistle, activated charcoal, iodine, colloidal silver. I already have liposomal vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc.

    I have numbness and pain in my left finger tips. I believe it to be graphene oxide because I feel my hand hurting when I am near an active cell phone or other device that emits radiation.

    My question is, how do I help my daughter detox from spike proteins/ graphene oxide? Thank you for your suggestions.

  12. I was taking NAC for months. However after 3 months, it seems like i have issues with heart muscles. Its true. You cant stop this bio weapon. They forced injected us, we should force execute them before we leave this planet.

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