One thought on “USA: The Globalists are about to shut down the Economy”

  1. It’s impossible to time the collapse. Fortunes have been lost trying to do so, including mine. The Fed is clearly propping up everything with printed money. Market technicals haven’t made sense since about 2008. Everything is heavily manipulated. What I do is keep a supply of 3-6 months, add to it when I have resources. For this I only buy 25-30 year shelf life food, because of the timing issue. I learned this the hard way when my stockpile expired, multiple times. The last thing you want is a lot of old heavy exploding cans and expired goods. We need to stay light and nimble in case God calls us to a safe place away from wherever we are currently living. God eventually will feed us like manna in the Bible I believe, but like everything else we must have faith for it to happen.

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