Brother Nathanael: The Vaxx is causing a pandemic of deaths

Comment by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The symptoms described by the English M.D., in this video, for those vaxxed for Covid-19 are nearly identical to the symptoms I am experiencing now 2 years after taking the Sanofi-Pasteur Lot #R3H161IV, Yellow Fever vaccine on April, 25, 2019.  Now I have serious reason to ask for the prayers of you all. For if Sanofi-Pasteur experimented on me without my permission, I have only another 12 months to live.

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34 thoughts on “Brother Nathanael: The Vaxx is causing a pandemic of deaths”

  1. Okay. Right off the bat you must get blood tests done immediately (if you were under my roof you would be on the way to the ER for blood work). You need comprehensive testing done with special attention to a blood test called D-Dimer. This measures any damage to tiny blood vessels, the smallest ones, which are being damaged by the vaxxes. I would also insist on blood testing for troponin, which will tell you if you are having a heart emergency. Obviously you need a home pulse ox for measuring oxygen saturation in your blood. Anything below about 94 is not great. If it’s down in the 80s this is a medical emergency, you need supplemental oxygen.

    Without testing it’s virtually impossible to proceed. You must step up and do the right thing. Forget about the money, it doesn’t matter. Sort that out later. That is minor.

    1. Alas, I am in Italy, where if I enter a hospital I will be forcibly vaxxed as soon as I fall unconcious.

  2. It’s worse than that actually. Any hospital anywhere these days if you don’t have a pit bull advocative literally guarding your person 24X7 you’re dead. You of all people already know this. When the entire government powers that be; police, EMS, fire department, local financial institutions, adult services, medical personnel, forced my mother into a nursing home for no medical reason I hired care givers to watch her, private duty, and got a hotel room about a mile from the nursing home. This went on for two months, they gave up, said I could watch her myself which I did the final year. Occasionally you’ll find a few good apples in the lot, it’s rare. The entire county literally had a meeting, sat around a table I was told, plotting and scheming how to kill us.

    Let me think about it some more. This is not easy.

  3. Alas. This is all pretty bad. Yet I assume we ourselves need to pray and above all have faith and not be afraid for death.. all this rushing to whatever especially hospital is probably ending up some thing worse. If we have been in hospital previously we have been experimented on. Period.

    1. Going to the ER for proper medical evaluation is unfortunately the ONLY way to get proper medical attention in many cases; many private doctors these days, I dare say almost all, are nothing but bought off pill pushers. Especially if one has a serious pre-existing condition. Dementia patients, advanced cancers, mentally disabled at least where I live are treated as corpses. Medicare tells the private doctors to limit office visits to 15 minutes, something most are not aware of, 15 minutes is hardly enough time to take vitals. Brother needs divine intervention. I agree. I’ll send him the details, I do have them.

      1. Here in Italy, thankfullly, there are private hospitals, which are not state run. Going to a state run hospital would mean intubation and death in 72 hours…

  4. Brother Bugnolo
    I hope that you are wrong with your health concerns. We are all in a situation where to see a doctor includes a fear of being injected with a pathogenic substance. Please keep positive in your thoughts, you have done much good with your warnings to people. Also you cannot go any where because you are a good editor and I have appreciated the information given in your replies.

  5. Your emails are a constant source of hope and reassurance in these troubling g times …. I will pray for you … additionally I have emailed you with some suggestions to boost your natural immune system ….some easy suggestions are Take baking soda 1:2 tsp in glass water 3 times a day …. Natural source ivermectin … take peel skin @ 3 grapefruit and lemons .. place in saucepan. Cover with filtered water @ 3 inches above the peal. Cover . Simmer @ 2 hours …. Leave to cool with lid on. Important not to release any steam …. When cook pour in glass container with lid . Take a few desert spoons a day … sweet with honey if needed

  6. God bless +BN for making this informative video and thank you Brother B for posting. There are hospitals here in the U.S. who are turning away ppl if they are not vaccinated. My nephew could not apply for a job unless he got the Covid jab. Corporate fascism!

  7. I’ve been praying for your safety & well being for quite sometime. You can rest assured I will step up my prayers Brother B.

  8. Br. Alexis,
    Can you please come to the U.S. where there are doctors who have not joined in the scamdemic, even if only to get the required tests performed to evaluate your health status?
    I am happy to offer you free lodging & meals in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

    1. Thanks Teddi, I may have to come back to the USA…the problem is that I do not have a penny for medical expenses, I normally only have enough for food and lodging at Rome, and I am now looking at perhaps 10s of thousands in medical expenses…

      1. Br. Alexis,
        Please check out to inquire if there is anything the group could do to help you with your situation & concerns. Look at the webpage, and I think you would feel comfortable trusting them. The people involved with this organization, that I know personally, are some of the most faithful and generous people I have ever met. I would be very surprised if some member who is, or is related to, a doctor didn’t contact you soon after your inquiry.

  9. Vaxx related viscerotropic disease is a known side effect. I saw nothing in the ingredients, insert or research that indicated any nanoparticles. Again, you would have to get tested to confirm it. This side effect can be deadly, cause multi-system organ failure. This is a serious medical possibility.

  10. Brother Alexis,

    Do not despair. Think positively. If you have symptoms, take it easy. Offer any suffering to Our Lord Jesus to add to His suffering at the Passion. If you were experimented without your knowledge, it will be on them that did it. I (we) will pray to Our Lord to keep you from any harm, but it will be God’s will that will be done.

    There are others that have little time to live on this earth from other ending diseases and probably for getting vaccinated with the COVID vaccines. It still going to be God’s Will when they die. Continue to be ready to meet Our Lord, no matter the circumstances. I will continue to pray for your health, for your personal intentions and for your needs. I will add that any priest that is in communion with Pope Benedict XVI or even His Holiness will seek you and provide you with the Sacrament of the Sick in the future.

    My personal hope is that God still has plenty of things for you to do in the near future. It was nice to see you where able to make today’s midnight prayer at St. Mary’s. I know you did not stay long after. So I hope you recover soon. God Bless. Our prayers are with you.

    1. Its not despair. I have been preparing to meet the Lord since I was 16, I just find a little discomfort at the thought that my enemies have done me in…still clotting can be cured and knowing the problem in advance helps…but if they gave me the mRNA spike protein tech unawares to me, then there is no cure and I will offer it up with the Lord who was Crucified for our sake, documenting my symptoms here for the sake of others..

  11. Bro. How do you think all the illegals here survive
    ?? I am in the same situation myself. No medical insurance since 2004. No money no income no family willing to help. Nothing and no one. While I was watching over my mother in her medical travels I had this conversation with social workers countless times. The hospitals cannot refuse anyone ER treatment. They send in a social worker to guide you thru the process, paperwork. The bills are typically sliding scale based on income. Or if you feel more comfortable outpatient care is available sliding scale based on income. The few times I went it was me and a waiting room full of foreign speaking people. Push comes to shove I had an attorney on retainer for many years, $500, who was ready willing and able to file bankruptcy paperwork if necessary, which would eliminate the bills. It never got to that point but it’s a backup plan. I would focus on taking this nice man up on his offer. This is from God. Please do it for everyone who needs your support if not for yourself.

  12. I’m afraid to break a bone or something similar! Anything else just throw me out the back door. I don’t want to go to a death center, ahem, hospital

  13. Teresa. I hear you. The sad truth is unless the broken bone is all the way thru there’s almost nothing that can be done. Most breaks are fractures, I’ve had about six or eight of them, lost count; was athletic in my younger days, rollerblading, skiing, aerobics. What they don’t tell you, unless you’re seriously ill the doctors these days do nothing to help. All they are is glorified drug dealers. You will probably survive longer than most staying away from them.

  14. I am forever indebted to you, dear Brother Alexis, as are countless others, for your care for our souls. How many Catholics, with your education, dare to live the truth of what they believe in every decision of their life, in as perfectly a way as possible?

    As you and everyone here knows, to have studied Scholasticism is one thing, but to live it and promote it and apply it to the crisis in which we find ourselves today is quite another, especially against such tremendous odds!

    And to have the humility to publicly change one’s mind about such a grave matter as the identity of the Pope when there is controversy about that, is remarkable to say the least.

    Deo gratias for giving the English speaking Catholic media, an Italian with his ear to the ground and his treasure in Heaven.

    Now, about the baking soda: I’ve used one tsp. in a glass of water and it was far too much – it induced vomiting and caused water retention. *1/8* tsp in 8 oz. water is my limit.

  15. Brother Bugnolo,
    I will keep praying for you. I wonder if other vaccines have been changed to deliberately cause blood clots also? A friend who is only 39 got the flu shot last winter and almost died of blood clots within 3 months. She was forced to get the flu shot even though she was pregnant, to keep her hospital job (which is criminal).

  16. So is the consensus here that if we go to a hospital we will automatically get jabbed without knowing it? I need a minor surgery. Do we need to be afraid of being put to sleep? and getting jabbed?

    Also, I agree that Br. Alexis needs to be evaluated and tested but if he goes to an ER around me, he will automatically be required to get a poisonous/nano-filled PCR test! Even people with sprained ankles, for example, are required to get a PCR!!
    And these are all private, non-private hospitals!! Not sure if they will secretly give the vax, and not sure how to find out. I would recommend finding a doctor — preferably a naturopathic one — or perhaps one of the America’s Frontline Doctors who can order bloodwork and the D-Dimer, etc., tests. There are no simple answers here. We all need A LOT of divine protection and assistance!!! Needing medical attention now is a very DANGEROUS thing!!!

  17. correction: the hospitals near me are private, NON PROFIT hospitals that now have these Nazi rules.

    1. Thank you for this list. maybe it will be helpful to others. I now have 3 Italian doctors looking out for me for free.

  18. There is healing in the Blessed Eucharist, you can’t be any closer to The Divine Physician. If it is His Will you will be healed.
    God Bless.Mary.

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