Pandemic or not? — Evidence that it’s toxic Graphene Oxide Vaccines, not a Virus

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5 thoughts on “Pandemic or not? — Evidence that it’s toxic Graphene Oxide Vaccines, not a Virus”

  1. This is a remarkable display of scientific evidence. Thank you very much for the information. The reasons for using graphene oxide in vaccines remain obscure. I’d like to know the official explanation.

    1. In a word, money. I watched a binge of videos about what the hell is going on. It boils down to keeping the financial markets propped up.

      If you really want to know the truth…after I first figured out what was going on in 2003 I left my job at a Swiss bank in 2004 returned to NYC to study at the NY Institute of Finance with top technical market analyst Ralph Acampora, formerly he almost became a priest, a very truthful man, doesn’t mince words.

      About 2008 we were in a cyclical downturn that begins about every 60 years. Commonly known as Kondratieff Winter after famous Russian researcher. The powers that be decided they were smarter than nature, threw everything at it but the kitchen sink and here we are. The patterns in the data are still there. Only the collapse will be infinitely worse because of their manipulation. They are fighting to prop up the oil index, pharma, tech, all the leading and major indices. If the house of cards collapses it will be financial disaster globally. That’s why so many politicians and conservative news people are suddenly changing their vaxx tune. Wall Street has put everybody on notice. Military as well. That’s why they’re warning everyone to stock up.

  2. Researchers concluded that Alcohol elimates the graphene from the body. In USA and Europe they are pressuring bars and clubs to close early and trying to prevent any alcohol consumption.

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