6 thoughts on “Protests across Italy against Death Cult Passport”

  1. Brother Bugnolo
    They intend to kill 55 million of the UK population by 2025. I listened to a man named Mark who is a weapons expert, filmed at the London protest yesterday, and 5g is a military weapon that will activate the graphene oxide in people who have been injected with the nano-particles, when it is turned on. Things are looking really bad.

  2. Dear Brother Brugnolo,

    things are escalating in France as well. Today a new info from reliable sources close to the government laked about the fact that the experimental gene therapies will be made mandatory for everybody during September 2021.

    I am Italian but I live in France with my wife and our 2 yo daughter. What can I do to protect my family? Where can I escape? We belong to a small parish attending VO masses, but even among them not much is done to prepare for the ongoming slaughter.

    I am at a loss, even my prayer life is suffering because I cannot detach myself from this gnawing thoughts and worries.

    1. I think the best advice, when the threat of mandatory vaccination becomes a real one, is to flee the country you are in and go to another. You can rent and apartment in most european countries east of Germany or in Italy or Spain or Portugal for less than 500 or 600 euro a month, and you need to calculate how important to to you is your life, rather than your savings. Sell as much as you can of what you cannot take with you, keep one car, and flee. Use online real estate sites which offer listings for the country you are going to, in advance to get a list of 10-20 possible rentals than make a vacation of it, telling the children its an adventure. When you like it, rent a place for a 1 year contract and settle down. Dont tell anyone you are antivax. And pray to God that your financial reserves can keep you afloat. If you are in a country of the EU look for work locally as a translator or in any kind of job to bring in at least enough money for expenses.

      1. Thank you for this wise advice. Please, pray for my family and for me to keep Fede, Speranza e Carità. I will pray for you as well.

  3. Brother Bugnolo
    I would also like to add a bit more to my previous comment. Just about everywhere in England there are new housing estates being built. This is very strange when the agenda is to exterminate humanity. Also the price of property is very high. A lot of jobs have been lost in the past year. None of it is making any sense. The aware people about the Covid plandemic are worried, but most people just seem to accept that things will return to normal, and ignorance does appear to be bliss. Klaus Shwabb wrote The Great Reset. Mark Carney stated that no business will survive if they don’t tow the Green Agenda. So in essence we have a dichotomy of what we can see and what is being said. Soon I think we will all be seeing what has been said.

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