Father Mark Goring: The Grinder App Scandal exposed by The Pillar is serious

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6 thoughts on “Father Mark Goring: The Grinder App Scandal exposed by The Pillar is serious”

  1. The Pillar is to be congratulated on their investigative work in this instance & I hope it will shake-up other Catholic websites who continue the false obedience of Resist & Remain which has got us nowhere. If Tradition is to be restored the Vatican must be seen to be on the job of ecommunicating & defrocking all practising homosexuals in its ranks, & Bishops who enable their priests to live immoral lives must also be removed & similarly dealt with. It is scandalous that Bishop Callahan has suspended Fr. Altman, a fervent Catholic priest, & ignores the grave sin of sodomy daily practised by Monsignor Billerman. This would indicate to me that he is also in the same LGBTQI Group & possibly both are, indeed, Freemasons. Due to the very high position the Monsignor held in the USCCB it therefore begs the qjuestion “How many other members of the USCCB are also tarred with both these vices?”

  2. I looked at pillar’s website last night, an impressive place, I wish canon212 would use a similar format; Frank Walker is also speaking up as you know.

  3. Monsignor Rossi at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception got off scot free for similar behavior.

    It is no use uncovering and exposing this behavior if nothing is done to the perpetrators. In fact, this is Freemasonic controlled behavior to complain and complain—and then do nothing about the root cause Antipope Bergoglio, who everybody knows will not do a thing about and even promotes it.

    Freemasons want this type of behavior publicized because it is a way to demoralize the faithful: “Look at our behavior and see how we get away with it.”

    I would be much more impressed with these celebrity priests like Father Goring if they were actually to come out and call Pope Benedict the true pope and Bergoglio an antipope.

    1. Exactly. I blew the whistle on a priest here. The case went to the Vatican, the local Bishop supported my complaint. Two years later the Vatican slapped the priest on the wrist. He is still a priest. The most the Bishop could do was order him to take time off, which he defiantly refused to do, and he was removed from the parish location. Paycheck and pension intact he bought a new condo and is publicly complaining about how unfairly he was treated by the Bishop. He is saying it was all a fabricated case. The truth is the Vatican sealed the case so no one will ever know the truth except for me the Bishop and a few insiders. It’s disgusting. The priest has gone ballistic on the internet now blasting the local Bishop; it’ll probably go on til his last breath. The sad part is about 500 locals, literally the entire parish, has bought the priest’s brochure.

    2. “We’ve had enough exhortations to be silent. Cry out with a thousand tongues – I see the world is rotten because of silence.” “Speak the truth in a million voices. It is silence that kills.”
      St. Catherine of Sienna.

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