Let us not fear the death of the body, let us fear the death of the soul

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

God has not created us for this world, but has intended us to be capable of the world to come. He has graced us beyond all graces in raising us to the dignity of His adopted sons in Baptism and in saving us from the servitude of Satan by the power and grace merited by His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, upon His Cross.

Thus, let us not fear more the death of the body, than the death of the soul.

The body is born once and it will die.

But the soul is created by God and will exist forever.

Ours is the choice of whether to have a soul which will be eternally dead and damned, burning in the inferno of Hell with Satan.

Or, to have a soul which will be eternally alive and blessed, beholding God face to face in the beatitude of Heaven, with the joyous company of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the Angels and Saints.

If we, at the contemplation or consideration of our own mortality, can naturally incline to sadness at the only thing worthy of it in this world: losing the companionship of our loved ones in this world, we should tamp that down, with the consideration, that if we but die as God’s friends in the state of grace, we shall be taken into a much more perfect communion of the Saints, who are closer to our loved ones than we can ever be in this world.

For the faithful Catholic, physical death is not the end, nor is life in the world to come to be presumed.

We must confess all our mortal sins and repent of all our sins. We must do penance and good works and atone for our wrong doings.

But let us never fail in our hope in the God Who had descended from Heaven and died for us and called us into the wonderful Kingdom of His Love, apart from which there is no salvation: which Kingdom in this world is the Catholic Church.

After death comes only judgement, in life there is yet abundant mercy.

Let us live in such a way as to merit, not a demotion or end in death, but a promotion and ticket to the greatest party and feast in all the universe: the Empyrean Heaven.

I thank you all for praying for me, but pray more for the graces to continue or begin in such a life of hope. If God be knocking at my door, it is a knock I have been waiting for from my youth, and preparing. May God have mercy upon me, and may my Lady receive my sacrifice.

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25 thoughts on “Let us not fear the death of the body, let us fear the death of the soul”

  1. Br. You still have so much to give here in this earth …. Please remain strong … Obviously I don’t know what your specific health issues are and I can understand your hesitancy regarding attending hospital … have you a doctor / general practitioner who could offer you some advice …. You have been a source of great comfort to me during g the last year … I actually don’t know how I found your emails but I am eternally grateful. … I will continue to pray for you .

  2. Beautifully written Brother B. Thank you for sharing your wise words. You put things into perspective.

  3. I sure hope You are not leaving us anytime soon Brother Alexis—“Live long and prosper” says Spock ( Star Trek)—That is very beautiful what You wrote on the great feast and party of the “Empyrean Heaven”—that’s wonderful—Fantastic —-certainly enjoy such inspiring thoughts—“Suffering is a river, but love is the boat that carries us over this river to Heaven” ( St John of the cross)—Stay strong my good friend

    1. Some of my favorite images of the Lord, are those beautiful old Catholic Holy cards ( very inspiring) but also Ray Istre’s “Ugly Jesus” ( don’t know why he calls this picture “ugly”—The Lord looks very 1st century AD Jewish man —but however he looked back then, He is now the Light)✝️ 🙂

  4. +
    Oh, I doubt you to be getting off the hook either too soon or too easily… You’ve loads of penance here first to accomplish… 😉

    1. That is for sure. I do not want to stay in purgatory, because my debts are so great I would have to wait until the end of the world. And I am not that patient…. 🙂

  5. Thank you for your thoughts brother Alexis.
    You are a great inspiration.
    Since I have discovered your website I have placed links to it al over the internet.
    It’s hard to find the truth (even at pope level), but I’m sure you are giving it.
    Thanks again,

  6. I’d rather be reading about your plans to fly to St. Louis for testing, at least. I’m sure once you get there if you are hellbent and determined to return to Rome to die in a gutter those kind people will help you with that too. I’d be packing my bags by now. An offer like this is a miracle. If you do survive there another year as you say, have you not read the locutions about Rome? You have a target on your back there even in the best of health, get out while you still can. If in your condition you do pass out in public, unknowingly get taken to a hospital, then what??

    1. You are correct of the danger, but I am not going out in public anymore alone, for this reason. I am waiting for preliminary blood work to know how serious is my problem, but even if I wanted to return to the USA, they would make me wear a mask and get a PCR to board a plane, so its neigh impossible. I would have to bring an oxogen supply and a doctors cert and then they MAY allow me to fly.

      1. They are as I speak declaring the PCR test a fraud. So that can change. I agree once they stick that thing in you it could make matters worse. As for the mask on a plane. That’s minor okay. A few hours inconvenience. If you require medical transport with supplemental oxygen that I don’t have experience but surely one cannot wear a mask on oxygen. Don’t give up. Let’s wait for the results. I would be working on getting a religious exemption for PCR test, doctor’s letter saying you don’t have the bug, just do the research for now. Like I’ve said I took care of my mother for a long time. Her first reaction was I’m gone. She lasted another 6.5 years after that. I did have to check her into a facility for a two week pep talk but she got the message and stepped up after that, cheerfully.

      2. Five minutes of research and I found out there is a saliva test that is as reliable as nasal swab test. Would probably require advance testing with a doctor and special permission but the saliva test has been around for a while and is known to work. This talk of supplemental oxygen is worrisome. Brother if your oxygen level is that low….need I say dangerously low, I hate to bring it up but hospice does provide here free care for end of life six months or less to live for most if not all cases, I can’t speak for St. Louis. In which case the money issue is moot.

  7. Joan, in Canada, and I assume (maybe wrongly) to some degree everywhere, hospice care means being put down, sooner or later, like a dog. In the case of anyone who’s openly, publicly, a ‘covid denier’ it would probably be sooner rather than later.

    1. Absolutely. Any medical suggestions I make based on my experience or my experience caring for my mom assume there is an advocate present. ANYONE alone in the care of ANY medical establishment is asking for trouble. I had MAJOR problems with hospice care for my mother initially, had to fire everyone on the case to get them to understand I wasn’t going to put up with any of their usual crap.

      1. I just listened to a US whistleblower interview on Infowars with Dr. Jane Ruby. Whistleblower stated hospital where she works is using a STANDING ORDER to inject all admitted patients at 9am on their first day in the hospital unless contra-indicated, meaning an advocate is present to refuse or patient is alert and awake enough to fight it, which based on my experience is rare. Most of the time in the hospital especially the elderly are in a quasi state of shock from the entire experience. So anyone going in to a hospital is at risk of being put down, as we all already suspected.

  8. ‘God has not created us for this world’….?!
    Adopted Son of God in Baptism….??!
    Where did you get that….?

  9. Brother, you could possibly have Covid or some other virus. You should be on Ivermectin. It certainly wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know if they prescribe it in Italy, but you could probably get the livestock version which is sold in farm supply stores. Ann Barnhardt has all the information on dosing and it’s effectiveness. God bless you for your work.

      1. This is why the ER with an advocate is not such a bad idea. 20 minutes for blood work results expedited. Any news yet?? We could all be dead before we hear anything at this rate.

      2. My blood work came back with all levels normal, only slight sign of some inflammation somewhere in the body.

      3. Okay. Then it’s some sort of invisible stigmata. I get them ‘all the time’, meaning too many to count. My last one was Good Friday, ACL blowout of my right knee. Could not stand up, walk, put any weight on it. I was in a total state of panic wondering how I was going to pay for surgery and rehab. Then I remembered to check the Shroud of Turin. Did my research and there it was, all my symptoms were there. I used to get them frequently when Mom and I were in the nursing home. Everyone probably thought I was insane, which I think is why they let me stay there with her. So be it. Glad you got a good report.

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