Skojec Sells 1 Pt 5 to Crisis Magazine

Comment by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

1 Pt 5 was a virulent opponent of all canonical, theological, historical and factual arguments which show that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope. Therefore, the selling off of that electronic journal represents a historic milestone in this battle for the truth. Deo Gratias!

Pope Benedict XVI responds to the Antipope’s Traditionis Custodes

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The true Vicar of Jesus Christ, moved by the Holy Ghost, has responded to the attempt by Bergoglio to eliminate the Ancient Roman Mass, in the document, Traditionis Custodes.

Pope Benedict XVI’s comments were contained in an interview he granted to the German Publication, Herder Korrespondenz, for their August 2021 edition.

The import and significance of this interview, as regards not only the conflict between the AntiPope and AntiChurch of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and the true Catholic Church led by Pope Benedict, was exposed and explained in a lengthy print article in today’s Libero, on p. 12 (to read the original click on the image above).

Here I will only speak to the central issue in the interview.

The Holy Father criticizes the leaders of the Church and Church institutions in Germany, faulting them for acting without any inner or spiritual cohesion with the Church, the Gospel or Her teaching through the ages. He urges the Faithful to remain faithful to the spirit of the Church and not to the unfaithful leaders of the Church of today. His position is not far from that of the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebrve, which is why this talk is causing a earthquake here in Rome and throughout Europe.

Pope Benedict XVI is putting his finger on the loss of faith in modern times. And giving sound guidance for the faithful to stop obeying faithless leaders and resist them.

But the Holy Father goes much further. In a succinct German phrase, he distinguishes between those who hold “ecclesiastical offices” and those who are in communion with the Church spiritually. And He tells the faithful to remain in communion with the latter NOT the former.

This entire counsel is exactly that which Andrea Cionci has discerned in Pope Benedict’s Declaratio of February 11, 2013 and his subsequent behavior and authentic statements.

I consider this intervention by the Holy Father to be also an approving response to my international appeal to establish a Traditional Mass Center at Rome, in communion with the Holy Father, where ALL the masses and prayers will be said UNA CUM PAPA BENEDICTO. You can join in this Holy work, here.

You can read the entire by Cionci in full by clicking the image above. FromRome.Info will try to publish an English translation of Cionci’s article tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: The entire German text of the original publication is not available for FromRome.Info to republish. But if one of our readers is fluent in German, and can write a complete summary with citations for our readers in English, I can make the original available to him/her in PDF.

Italy: Goldman Sachs Dictator moves to require Vaxx to vote and run for elected office

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The ultimate goal of Globalists: to strip every human citizen who opposes them of every human and civil liberty, is in the works in the Italian Parliament: Mario Draghi, former Goldan Sachs VP and former Bank of Italy President, has declared his intention to extend the “Green Passport” or Death Vaxx Passport to include voting and running for office.

This will guarantee that no one who refuses the Vaxx or submission to the New World Order Death Cult will be able to participate in public life or chose the leaders of Italy’s future.

The move, already seen with shocked-yes, inside the Prime Minister’s own office — who leaked it to the press — is being called the Atomic Bomb of Italian Politics.

This move will make necessary armed civil rebellion, because if passed into law, there will no longer be an Italian Republic which embraces every citizen: there will be only a Nazi Sanitary State with Party Members’ privileges and a subclass of slaves with no rights.

Click the image above to read the original article in Italian, at il Tempo.

Critics of FromRome.Info ridiculed this journal in May when we warned that Draghi was making the Vaxx obligatory for all Italian residents.  Our interpretation of his actions and intentions then, has proven 100% correct.