32 Mobile phones at the Vatican are habitual users of the Grinder App

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11 thoughts on “32 Mobile phones at the Vatican are habitual users of the Grinder App”

  1. All these laws, software based applications etc have flaws and loopholes. The truly technically minded can find ways around it. I wish I could find a way around the QR codes we have here, other than not complying.

    So the Vatican is worried that the devil will catch up to them? How ironic – he already knows.

    All that is hidden in secret will be revealed at the 2nd judgement.

    1. Are you obliged to have a mobile phone. And if so use a small old fashioned nokia. I never take my phone with me outside

      1. It’s either take your phone OR someone stands outside to get your details, OR they tell you to sign it, sure you can give false details but if they decide to declare that area covid affected – well there are CTC cameras everywhere. They can identify you through your driver’s licence. You can’t win! I thought about it, it’s just through God’s grace that they don’t contact you. Sometimes you can walk past those QR codes BUT not always. And it’s everywhere in Banks, doctor’s surgeries, chemists, petrol stations, supermarkets, even in malls where you can eat your meals.

      2. I thought a QR code is merely a visual symbol that you have to take a picture of with your cellphone in a certain app. Simply walking by it is not going to trigger anything, no?

    2. Fake your QR coding by just using your camera, and just take a pic and make it look like you actually do the QR code nonsense. Be creative. God helps us in mysterious ways.

  2. Yes Brother the QR code is something you scan with your mobile phone that records your details ( ie name, phone number, what time you entered a business etc ) to a government website. Of course you can walk past it, but you are required to scan it before entering a business of some sort. And if you don’t sometimes the workers will ask you to do so. I came across this on facebook. A little bit of humour. I do hope I can post it? It makes fun of how we Aussies live today.


    1. You can setup a so called fake account, and use a safe email service like protonmail or tutanota. No need to actually put your true identity there. Only do this if nothing else works.
      See thru their so called clever system.

      1. I already set up my service nsw app with my Gmail account . But now I’ve deleted service from my phone and just take a picture of it with my camera. As long as they don’t ask to see that I signed in I’m fine. Mostly no one asks though but some do. So I make sure they see me taking a picture of it. So far so good I have gotten away with it.

    2. Also make sure that you NEVER EVER activate the exposure notification setting on an iPhone or Android one. As far as I know, once activated you can’t turn it off again. A full restore is required.

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