What are the symptoms of Graphene Oxide poisoning?

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  1. The symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning are shortness of breath, light-headedness, and loss of feeling in the extremities [arms and legs]. Graphene oxide results in anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochondrial cancer, and endothelial cancer, due to the proliferation of spike proteins and prions with each jab. The fact is that there is no cure — everyone inoculated with the Experimental Use Authorization Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon will be dead between 2-10 years, depending upon whether they have multiple jabs or booster shots.

    1. To say there is no cure, without citing scientific papaers, is about as scientific as saying there is a cure without citing scientific papers. I know Steven you are pessimistic on this whole thing and that you are correct in not raising false hopes, but there is always more to be known and discovered than we presently know.

      1. It is said glutathione IV can reverse the damage from graphene toxicity. Children and athletes have higher levels of glutathione than older people. We need more data on the exact composition of these shots. What exactly is in them.

      2. Thank you for saying that, Brother. Every day of my life is filled with sorrow and dread because of my loved ones’ (including my child’s) foolish decision to do this without discussing it with me (a health care professional for over 40 years) beforehand.

        Right now I need hope – even if it’s in the unknown – to avoid despair.

      3. I thought that in your post from the Spanish organisation they specifically mentioned particular herbal/organic compounds to combat the poisoning.

      4. They did. But I do not think that they have done a scientific study to prove the allegations.

      5. Untrue. I managed several Covid studies. We have studied Graphene Oxide and it’s listed as a toxin. To my knowledge, we do not yet have a way to remove it from the blood stream and it is likely going to be very difficult to do.

      6. Absolutely. Here is a published article that proves there is a cure. How to remove Graphene Oxide from the body.
        EXAMPLE FROM DR. RICARDO DELGADOhttps://www.ftwproject.com . Vitamin C, Zinc and D 3.
        Bata Boom , Bata Bing ! Get these at your Natural Grocery Store. God is on the Throne .

    2. 1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

    3. Steven and Nurse Dee,

      The coming of MedBeds will be able to reverse the damage. Starting in 2022, military will coordinate screenings for those in need of treatments. Triage of severity will be the reigning factor for treatment appointments. Have hope, there are answers ahead. Those jabbed must take precautions to not get ill as they are destroying their innate and adaptive immune systems. Vitamins D3, C, Zinc and Quercetin are the basics. Dr. Zalenko’s protocol is worth a look, and he created an all-in-one supplement as well. All the best!

      1. To detox metal out of body use diatomaceous earth.

        Have them research Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of the graphine oxide out of the body.

        Not to give up on the people, they did not ask to be murdered!

        Much appreciated

  2. If you read in the John Leary locutions Jesus says repeatedly those believers alive for the Garabandal Warning will be supernaturally healed of all physical ailments. Some of this in chemtrails is unavoidable. My plan is to build up my immunity and try to stay calm, wait for complete healing in the Warning.

    1. One should never believe in a prophecy which is not demonstratred to be from God via miracles. A prophecy which claims a future miracle to prove it, is simply not to be believed, unless the time between its being given and the miracle are way ahead of the dangers foretold. Like was the case at Fatima. Garibandal for many reasons, is simply not credible: witnesses all denied it, children’s bodies forced into unnatural (against Creatoràs plan) positions, vague claims, novel promises not found in Scripture.

      1. I get all that. The official Church position on Garabandal is neither to confirm nor deny. The Warning and Miracle are the pending confirms.

        As for John Leary I met him and his wife twice as I said before. One has to be cautious because his spiritual director reviews his messages before he can release them. It’s my understanding they are cleansed of negative comments about Pope(s). It’s similar to the situation with Garabandal.

        I could tell you about many others but I’m trying to take it easy on you, I know you don’t agree, for whatever reasons. The confirmations are coming almost every day now. At some point we all individually have to wake up and smell the coffee, the Church has kept tons of information from us. I’ve been doing this research since 2008. The Holy Spirit has been fire hosing me with information since 2012. I haven’t even mentioned a lot of it.

      2. If you receive a message which needs to be cleansed of error it is not of God. And if you receive a true message from God and someone asks it be cleansed to fit political correctness and you consent to that, you are not of God and have not received the seal of the Holy Spirit which is unfailing truthfulness.

      3. I neither defend nor condemn Garabandal, but using the same criteria, how would one escape condemning LaSalette? I’m unaware of any litany of miracles accompanying that phenomenon, yet Melanie’s share of a prediction that “Rome will lose the Faith,” seems only to clarify only in the 70-yr period culminating now, some 175 yrs since that apparition.

      4. There are thousands of miracles of conversion and healing at La Salette and a miraculous spring. Oh my….

      5. Carissimo Fra’ Bugnolo,
        I write from Italy, am Italian, and follow you as mucho as I can here on fromrome.
        And of course, io Sto con Papa Benedetto!!
        I wanted to así you, if I understood correctly. Are you saying the appearances at Fátima are not credible? Could you please elaborate a little? I think we are living the times of the third Fatimas secret.
        Grazie mille,, tanta benedizione


      6. Why do you think the appearances at Fatima are not credible, as they were confirmed by the greatest public miracle in the history of Christianity?

    2. If it had not been for John Leary and his tireless efforts documenting the messages he has received from heaven for two plus decades, traveling the US and Puerto Rico to disseminate them, I would probably know nearly nothing about anything re. current events because no one in the official Catholic world in which I live taught me anything, and that’s the truth. If it had not been for JL’s messages early warning about the vaxx I most likely would be dead. I know nobody cares but that’s a miracle.

  3. So, you Mean that the Last book of The Bible , the Saint John Apocalipsis is false because the is no Miracle which certifies it ?

    Also , Sain Paul in 2 Tes , 2. Is not a prophecy ?

    God does not need a Miracle.

    It may or may not be true , and and a true one May of may not have a Miracle.

    There are other ways.

    You can believe in Garabandal as father Pío.

    You may not like it , but that is your problem.

    1. It is a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit to say that Scripture needs a miracle to prove it. As for those who wrote the holy books, the proved themselves by receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, after which they could not sin or lie, and working miracles and dying as martyrs. You comparison shows clearly that you are deceived by Satan.

  4. What we know about the the mRNA Vaccine:
    Contents of the Vaccine:
    > 98-99% Graphene Oxide > a toxic chemical that does severe damage to the immune system, etc etc.
    >mRNA that replaces the bodies natural RNA, with a new genetic code to react to coronal viruses, not a wide variety of infections & diseases such as cancers.
    The newly installed vaccine/mRNA designed to stay in the injection site of the shoulder muscle. Scientists admit a major mistake, the vaccine does not stay in the injection site as hoped, but passes into the bloodstream, as well as passing through the blood brain barrier, into the brain and neurological system as well.
    Effect>the spike protein multiples into the trillions, attacking the ACE receptors of the cells and blood platelets that line microscopic blood vessels throughout the heart, lungs, spinal cord, brain, as well as other organs and tissue.
    This causes platelets to stick together forming blood clots, that will plug these microscopic vessels.
    >there is no off switch, these spike proteins will keep reproducing, this is known
    as ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement.
    >clotting damage done to the major organs cannot be repaired and these organs will not regenerate, this will eventially end in death.
    Grim facts, but the stakeholders keep pushing the vaccines none-the-less?
    Dr. Mike Yeadon said, “they know very well what they are doing, they’re not stupid, mass population reduction.”

    1. Spike proteins can only be manufactured if there is the mRNA for them, and mRNA has a half life of 12 hours or so, I think. So only inasmuch as the mRNA continues in existence to replicate, can the spike proteins be produced. The body attacking these proteins is constantly killing these infected cells. So hypothetically at least, so long as the mRNA does not get expressed in the DNA of a cell, the process will stop after some point. That does not mean you will still be alive, however.

      1. Grazie Fra Alexis,
        I clearly understood wrong the English of the phrase and the sense of the sentence.
        Apologize for that.
        I believe in the appearances of our Lady of Fátima.
        Avanti con María !!

  5. Thanks for explaining this to us. I would like to know what else my husband can do to counteract the vaccine he got. He drinks wine, maybe that will help.

    1. I am not a medical doctor. However, from all the information I have gathered so far I ‘think’ as Ivermectin & HCQ are both highly effective against C0v!d it would be reasonable to assume it will work to rid the body of these dangerous spike proteins.

      Also recommended to prevent C0v!d is Quercetin & NAC.

      To boost the immune system:
      Vit’s A, C, D3, Zinc with copper-high dose.
      If you take high dose Vit’D then take Vit K as well to prevent calcification of the Pineal Gland.

      Hope that helps?
      All the best and God bless.

    2. Horseradish root, quercetin, berberine, resvertrol, quinine, iodine and a good multivitamin daily.

    1. Jenia, we can’t cure the people who took the shot when there is no cure. Graphene Oxide from Spike Proteins and Prions from Cytokine Storms from Messenger RNA is designed to kill you by robbing your heart, lungs, brain and blood of oxygen. Eventually everyone who has been jabbed will die, and those who have taken multiple shots and booster shots will die all the faster. The only thing you can do to stop the Vaccine Holocaust is to start fighting back against all of the inoculators and genocidal globalist maniacs who have caused this. Off with their heads.

  6. Graphene oxide isn’t just found in the covid jab they are also found in other things as well such as the flu vax, the swabs used for pcr tests and the masks and maybe even in other areas as well? Wouldn’t these also have an affect on the person who has them inside their body, and to what degree is the question? Brother you showed an article once about those who got pcr tested had magnets sticking to their nose and I think their forehead can we assume them that the same amount of graphene oxide on the swabs used for pcr testing is in the jab as well. I refuse to call it a vaccine because in theory it isn’t one.

    1. Google admits graphene oxide is in the masks. Do a search Graphene oxide in masks. So, should we be wearing those blue paper masks from the store (made it China)?z

  7. Here’s the thing, these people vaxxed need our help, we need to distribute our knowledge on how to detox as much as they can and get their bodies as healthy as they can with its new situation…people live with diseases all the time and with the right protocols even if they can never completely rid themselves of this poison they may be able to live well and longer than at first predicted

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