Why you should never get tested for Covid-19

Apologies to our readers: the previous version of this video which was uploaded to Bitchute, was changed out by the channel owner with one in which Stew Peters was openly attacked mid way through by an anonymous male voice. The above link takes you to the video on the official Stew Peters site.

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4 thoughts on “Why you should never get tested for Covid-19”

  1. Did you hear what she said about 10+ minutes in:


    telemed doctor’s appointment and medication!!

  2. I worry about this, because in Australia they put in the QR code where everywhere you go, even if you buy petrol for your car there is a QR code outside that you need to scan with your smartphone before entering. It’s all about contact tracing and eventually getting you to do the PCR test. If you walk past it then they tell you to scan it. And this is in every store including grocery store and business, sometimes even takeaways. I heard that in SA the cops are doing the rounds checking your phones if you’ve scanned in or not, otherwise they give you a $1,000 fine. And if you try to argue your rights the cops brutally hold you down usually 5 cops to 1 person. All this reminds me of the Planet of the Apes movie where the APES ruled over the humans and the humans had no freedom and no rights. They used brutal force over them. The only difference between that movie and life today is that everything is more scientifically advanced and they use that advancement over us to their advantage.

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