Day 1 of the Vatican Trial for Corruption in the Secretary of State

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3 thoughts on “Day 1 of the Vatican Trial for Corruption in the Secretary of State”

  1. I can guarantee that this is a show trial. The globalists/masons are in the vatican and own the courts. There is no way this Cardinal is going down without the powers that be letting it happen. This is either to give the appearance of justice or for some other reason they have devised.

  2. Brother Alexis, Catholics are increasingly targeted without any assistance from us average Catholics. All around the internet are vicious anti-Vatican and anti-Jesuit posts. I’m talking about non-Catholic websites. One even calls for exterminating the Jesuits. Another is a complete website devoted to blaming everything on the Jesuits, with no mention of the globalists. So, these are samplings of the unhinged and divisive mood out there. It’s scary that all the posts I read do not give average Catholics the benefit of the doubt. None say, “We know there are good Catholics and do not mean to lump them into the same category.”

    Sampling of viciousness:

    1. We must never forget, that when the projects of the Masons fail, their first tactic is to blame their enemies and incite hatred of them as a diversion.

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