Lieutenant Colonel Royston Potter: The Globalists intend to sacrifice humanity to their god, Satan

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11 thoughts on “Lieutenant Colonel Royston Potter: The Globalists intend to sacrifice humanity to their god, Satan”

  1. Of course, that makes sense. Thanks for that info, I couldn’t figure out why they’re killing EVERYONE.

  2. GMI gene modifying injection
    OWS operation warp speed
    I would recommend only the last 30 minutes or so, though your headline sums it up well.
    His theology is very dodgy indeed.
    That’s putting it kindly.

  3. Br Alexis,
    Do you know Lt Gen Potter to be trustworthy? Is he a Christian? I couldn’t tell; and so much of what said about faith or God seemed strange and disturbing. He reminded me of my sisters who have converted to the Jehovah’ Witnesses. I thought I was handling our grave situation in the United States fairly well, and focused on what you advised: establishing alliances with other Catholics who are not accepting the injections, becoming better prepared with water, food, and supplies. But after many years of working & praying through the sadness & anger I felt when I realized the majority of the hierarchy of Holy Mother Church is evil & corrupt, these videos may have wrecked me.

    Please, friend, pray for me.

    1. I do not know anything about him, other than that he is a retired U.S. Military officer, and if he is saying this much, we Catholics should no longer be entertaining any doubts. In the USA, you find every religion under the sun, so when I publish links to speakers in the USA, or elsewhere, about the scamdemic, it is not a religious approbation of their beliefs, but a sharing of information against the scamdemic.

      1. He’s a convicted polygamist who was kicked from both the Mormon Church and the police for having multiple wives. He’s wicked.

  4. I really enjoyed listening to Royston Potter (except his theology) but before recommending him I wanted to research his credentials. Here are 2 connected links (below) that pretty much confirm that he is the same “Royston Potter” who can be googled and found to have been fired from a police jurisdiction in Utah (he appears to have been Mormon even if he is not still) because he was a polygamist and “married” to 3 women in 1983. (It appears that he is still “married” to the same 3 women.) Seeing as this scandal was in 1983 — which would have been somewhere in the middle of his alleged military career — a search was done on his “LTC” officer rank. From what we can see on the links below, there are some serious concerns involving even the veracity of his alleged military rank. So discouraging… Truth is so rare today…

    Below are 2 related links to some interesting information by someone else who did some digging on Mr. Potter. Not sure I want to rely on Royston, but I may check back here and there because he does have a lot of good info. (as with double-agent Alex Jones, the fake conservative who is most assuredly funded by the dark side — but I digress)
    Here are the links with research on Mr. Potter:

    1. Thanks for this research. The Mormons are polygamists, and its not illegal in Utah. They were founded by a Freemason, which is probably why at the beginning he says its an error to attribute the Scamdemic to masons.

      1. Br. Alexis, you ought to watch his latest. The last half he says strange things about the bible, Jesus, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Can you comment about the scrolls? I have serious doubts about them. They appear to have turned Royston Potter against his faith in Jesus. He even wrote a book about them.

        “August 11 a thing.”

        Potter’s book The Crimson Thread.

      2. I am informed that the Lt. Col. is a Mormon, so he will have a lot of strange ideas about religion. I have not posted this video to endorse his religious views, however, as should be obvious.

      3. Yes polygamy is illegal in Utah since 1882 The Edmunds Act – in order for the Utah to become a state they had to make it illegal. Roy has said he has been divorced several x’s . Don’t think he is married.

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