The Vaxx is not Safe! — Info Video

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  1. Thank You Brother Alexis—May Our Lord Jesus truly bless You for fighting for His Light and the truth regarding those “so-called” vaccines—-Even Luc Montagnier ( French virologist +Nobel prize winner for AIDS research) said ( and the fact-checkers cannot negate this—they affirm he said it) “because the vaccination will create variants “( so it’s something that creates a pathology within people)—and, although I don’t know what to think of psychics, this one from Switzerland said on a YOUTUBE video that she saw Bill Gates arrested ( while attempting to escape to a private island or elitist bunker somewhere)

    1. Mark of the beast COVID restrictions:
      Stay 6 feet apart, “Rule of 6″(in a group for social gathering) UK, and 6 months lockdown ( here in USA)

      1. I’ve read some blogs, like Catholic Answers, to see what they had to say on the mark of the beast—Catholic Answers downplays the whole thing on the COVID vaccine being the mark of the beast, but the COVID restrictions: 6 feet apart, rule of 6 in UK, and 6 months lockdown here in USA, do not seem coincidental(666)–and when Stage 4 is finally reached, punishment for not taking the vaccine, then Revelation 13:17 is fulfilled ( one cannot work, buy, or sell)—-The Holy Scriptures are adamant that those who take this mark will not be saved(!)—It is because they choose the easy life over suffering as a true Christian for God and Christ—I would hope God is merciful to one who repents after receiving the mark( but no one can change the Holy Scriptures as far as I know)—Francis said it is suicide to not take the vaccine—but if it’s the mark of the beast and one receives it, then one is throwing away their chance of salvation—-The 5 stages of this COVID vaccine program are: 1. People line up willingly to take it –2. People are encouraged to take it—3. People are offered rewards to take it—4. People are punished if they don’t take it ( lose their jobs, voting rights etc) 5. Gunpoint or FEMA camps if one does not take it ( martyrdom)

    1. We cannot. We cannot believe anything the Globalists and their puppets say. We must presume everything in their narrative is a lie.

  2. Tried posting something here before ( maybe it didn’t go through)—it’s about this vaccine—I’m thinking about two people: Mr Bolsonoro( President of Brazil) and Stella Immanuel( Pediatrician who proscribed Hydrochloroxine[?] tablets to President Trump)—She talked about “alien DNA” and Bolsonoro was afraid the “vaccines would turn his people into crocodiles[reptilian]”—Why would these high ranking people say such off the wall stuff here? Do they know what’s in those vaccines that we don’t? Why also would an Italian actress, doing a commercial to promote the vaccine, turn the tables and say that “this vaccine will make one satan’s property”?? Reptilian entities and demons here ( what does one really know of either? Or angels and devils?) and their DNA and such ( almost sounds like some kind of diabolical GMO-ing)

    1. As far as published reports go, I have seen nothing regarding animal dna in the VAxx. But one must understand that speakers sometime use hyperbole or metaphor. If you keep taking these vaxxes then its clear that you have lost your soul and will become controlled physically by the globalists because of the ingredients are designed to make you connectible to the internet which they control.

      1. I think Stella gave quite a complicated explanation (process) that was ridiculed by the media ( and she’s a Pediatrician [!])

  3. Here in Florida this week’s statistics confirm that the vaxxed are now super-spreading. My instinct said from day one to avoid being out in public unless absolutely necessary. Now I think it’s time to take it a step further, order goods and services online as much as possible. I’ve noticed in my travels here the vaxxed have absolutely no respect for my space. It is simply no longer worth the risk of life just to be friendly and try to fit in and play nice with these people. When we look at these people we are staring down the barrel of a lethal weapon. Sorry but that’s where it’s at. This has become a matter of self defense. Of course we must continue to pray for their poor lost souls.

    1. There is no covid. Coronaviruses cannot kill you. There are no variants. Its all narrative divorced from reality. Covid does not even have an isolated genome, what is claimed was a DNA sequence read over the phone from a lab in China!

      1. It’s the spike proteins I’m worried about. The spike proteins are spread by air contact from normal breathing, coughing, sneezing. And by skin contact. Now they are saying the spike proteins come out of the sweat glands in skin like normal body odor when you stand next to someone that you can smell. And they stick to hair, clothes, objects, for days. And they come in through the eyes. Spike proteins are the ‘disease’. There is no virus per se just like there’s no vaxx per se.

      2. All Coronaviruses have spike proteins, and you are covered with them all the time, so is the environment. The question is not their presence, but how these spike proteins are designed to attach to human proteins unlike other coronavirus spike proteins. But yes, the Vaxx turns your neighbor into a huge Covid’19 organism, and that danger has not yet been adequately assessed.

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