3 thoughts on “Italian Parliamentarians stage anti-Vaxx Passport Protest in Parliament”

  1. Brother Bugnolo
    That is a very encouraging display by the Italian Parliamentarians opposed to the green pass. Now we need a dominoe effect in all countries with vile and Satanic governments, including Britain.

  2. Having listened to a number of credible experts including Catherine Austin Fitts. I would say that these world wide depopulation governments will become obsolete by the technocrats who are the real dictators behind them, and those who are funding the Covid agenda. They do not want democracy to continue. Covid has been all about replacing cash with digital currency, not so innocent as it sounds because it is based upon bio-technology, which is all about gathering intimate details of body functions and every thought, transaction,detail that you may do in your life. Control is the main objective. They will not allow you to live your life nor own even the clothes on your back, and they will dictate if you eat or don’t. So a warning to all governments stop this Covid nonsense now or be damned.

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