5 thoughts on “Traditionis Custodes, more than any other document, shows that Bergoglio is a fake”

  1. Dear Br. Bugnolo,

    why does pope Feancis always make the clawed hand sign? isn’t that the Marrano hand sign?? why would a pope be making such a sign?? maybe you know and can explain?


  2. Br. Bugnolo,

    This explains many things.

    I myself belong to the movement of CL (comunion and liberation) I’m sure you know this movement. I have been worried for many years now that something has infiltrated the movement.

    What I don’t understand is why there has never been any open attacks against freemasonry within our group? why has the leadership blindly followed the current freemason organization political groups?? I myself don’t really understand what is really at the bottom..maybe you could shed some light on this as well??

    I knew something was wrong when the movement blindly went along with the plandemic fake virus!!!


    1. I do believe from my long observation of this movement that it is controlled by Ecclesiastical Freemasonry.

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