As of this Fall, the unVaxxed will be hunted in every nation

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9 thoughts on “As of this Fall, the unVaxxed will be hunted in every nation”

  1. Nice, open guy.
    Thanks a lot for this enormous heads up!
    Lot’s of love from the Netherlands.
    Stay strong, keep praying to God!

  2. But but but…….I identify as being vaccinated so I should be good to go according to their liberal logic ( haha). I know they won’t accept that but that’s the excuse I’m going to offer them. Or else I want a billion US dollars to pay for my medical costs since the vaccine companies are exempt from liabilities.

    Of course this is all in jest, I would NEVER EVER willingly take the Vax

  3. Will somebody please, please tell us what happened to Fr. Euteneuer, the exorcist? He told us that the post-Vat II exorcism prayer was weak.

  4. JMJ… God bless you for your honesty. Our time is really up, isn’t it?! Look at the prophecies of the Virgin Mary since Fatima. Look up words from Our Saviour to Albert Drexel. Faith is stronger than obedience and God is keeping track. This zombie apocalypse is on us and we cannot fight back. It is not ours to do. The Virgin Mary will triumph once the Pope does as he was commanded in the consecration of Russia. We need to forget about Trump and all of them. They will not save us- as you said, they are all part of it and in on it. My mom had an old saying- “Doesn’t matter what party they claim to be, they all attend the same lodge.” We need to pray for the pope, that he stops fearing the wolves he spoke of so many years ago and stands up for us and for Our Lady. We didn’t pray hard enough for him as he asked, so we all need to step up and do it now! Her victory will be Glorious and we were all chosen to live through this time. First Saturdays. Penance. Confession, if no other sacraments are available and baptize in case of emergency all that are in need. If you have Sacraments available to you, be grateful- many if us do not. The Antichrist Church and unfaithful priests are a punishment from God The Father. Penance and sacrifices as much as you can for those of us in desperate need of the Sacraments. I, myself, especially ask if you can, to please- I’m begging you- to offer for my family and myself that we can find a Holy Priest for all our Sacramental needs, before the time is truly all gone. It will be late in coming, but Our Holy Father will not let us down and Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph- so CONFIDENCE! God’s got this. We were warned from Sts. John and Paul and all the apparitions of Our Lord and Lady. We shall be humble, even unto death and will turn the other cheek when they strike us. Our blood will matter. The Church, Christ’s Bride is now going through Her Own Passion, as Our Lord predicted. Which mystery are we on now? Brown Scapulars on. Rosaries in hand. We are following in His Bloody Footsteps. The Church will only be thought dead, and our Glory will come. Confidence!

    An aside to pp: You can identify as you like, but be warned that identifying with evil and sin, very well may draw that punishment down on you for that, even if you did not commit the sin. Will not identifying as one with the Mark of the Beast, count you in on their punishment? Not an expert on canon law or such- but only a good study of my mother’s and grandmother’s admonishments and instruction on Our Holy Faith and the Endtimes, as they knew- but you do not have to commit the sin yourself, but only be party to it or benefit from it- to have to confess it to be absolved from it. Best to be prudent and not even say that again jokingly, imho. God bless you! Viva Cristo Rey! Long Live Christ The King!

    1. Mrs Justine Gibson just to confirm what I said. I was merely making a joke as I mentioned in my last paragraph. I was throwing liberal logic back in to the faces of the liberals. In reality I do not identify with any kind of evil. I hate evil and God knows this. But at times we have to laugh at the madness that surrounds us otherwise we would cry.

      Laughter and pray is how I cope but everyone copes differently.

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