11 thoughts on “Ireland: This is no longer a free country”

  1. There are great journalists here But people are sheep in the main
    They won’t turn off RTE the Virus.

    Watch Gemma ODoherty Dave Cullen Gran Torino
    The Bishops adhere to Jorge Bergoglio the false prophet

    1. I was just going to posit to BR. Bugnolo that question- Trump, the Beast – the eighth king- whose Mark this was and is – and Bergoglio the False Prophet ? -We should expect then for the man of perdition to be revealed soon.

      1. St. Hildegard of Bingen says that the Antichrist will reveal himself when the restored King of France is 74 years old. So we have time yet.

  2. Dear Br Bugnolo, visit Gemma O’Dohertys site …if you haven’t already. God Bless, T

  3. She represents Ireland well. I hope her confidence in the land of the free is well founded and Americans resist the tyranny that is growing more bold each day. I don’t think Americans are cut from the same exact cloth as Ireland, although many are. It’s been a profound disappointment to see Ireland willingly get crushed under Satan’s heel in the last decade or so. The people have been sheep, have accepted and voted for what insults God, and so naturally their minds are darkened and they can’t see how they have debased their nation and themselves. This articulate lady defends God, defends the true church and the Eucharist. Note that her mind is not darkened and she can see things as they are.

  4. Ann McElhinney wants to live in the Land of the Free. Who doesn’t, I say. By naming America as being that country she must have forgotten that it was from America the CC was infiltrated by the communist Bella Dodd (Italian American) who planted over one thousand homosexual Marxists into our seminaries & sodomised them & who have collectively usurped the PO by coercion of the St. Gallen Group (Mafia) in a vile coup d’etat & blatant disobedience to the true Pope BXVI. Does she not know that NWO crypto Jews (Gates, Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellas, Jorge Bergoglio), along with the Obama Administration, Clintons, Wall Street, Deutsch Bank, CCP etc. rule the entire world economy? They gave us a huge financial crash in 2008 & for the past one-and-a-half years lockdowns all over the world due to a fake pandemic quickly followed by a ‘vaccination programme’ which is being mandated by most countries in cohorts with them. The ‘vaccines’ coming from Gates owned laboratories are said by scientists to be 99% Graphene Oxide, a deadly poison.

    They pretended to be the good guys in the wars (of their making) in Afghanistan & Middle East while all the time plotting with China (to whom Fauci sent huge amounts of $$$s to Wuhan & other Chinese laboratories) against their own people & the world’s inhabitants. As a result of their continuing Treason the Constitutional freedom of their courts & legislative bodies is now at zilch. Their absolute hate for true democracy has led to abominable Antifa & BLM attacks, burning of Catholic Churches at their whim & staged a conflict at the Capitol Building where an innocent woman was killed. This doesn’t bode well for a Free America, nor does the USSCB with their sodomite Monsignor secretary & countless others of high rank within their Episcopal Dioceses bode well for the CC.

    Our Lady predicted this turmoil if Popes & Bishops continued to ignore Her call to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart & now we are in the midst of it because America (Land of the Free World) has, like the Vatican, lost the True Faith & is being governed by Satan, the arch enemy of Jesus Christ.

  5. I have just read your comment Br. Bugnolo about the restoration of the King of France and how the Antichrist will then reveal himself. So this must mean that the King’s whereabouts is known and of course his age now. Is there any point in asking, how long we have got, before we see such things happen?

    1. I think that if you live 10 years more, you will see the Monarchy restored in France.

      1. Highly unlikely I will, but where are the others coming from? Unless the descendants of past monarchies are restored but that would mean the annihilation of NWO & Ape Church which in time will happen, but again many will not live to see that day given the time-scale of heavenly prophesies.

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