The Vaxxed are now dying from common colds

DEAR SCAMDEMIC BELIEVERS: This is happening even in Italy. The Vaxx makes you die from common colds. Whereas before they claimed a common cold could kill you, so as to terrorize you into taking the Vaxx, now that you are vaxxed the false narrative is fulfilled….there will be perpetual plagues declared now…because, you, idiot that you were, believed those whom you knew were liars.

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16 thoughts on “The Vaxxed are now dying from common colds”

  1. It’s starting.. the ADE deaths we were warned about. It’s very sad. Most people I know took the shot. Will they all die? I’m prepared but the only way I can reconcile all this is to imagine all the people, on a soul level, decided to come to earth to experience fear/shot/illness/death and nothing we could’ve said or showed them would have changed their minds.

    1. Poppy, the best experts say that all of them will die. The levels of graphene oxide and mRNA in the Vaxx cause irreversable damage. Only those who took those Vaxxes which did not contain mRNA and graphene oxide have a chance of survival.

      1. Yes I’ve heard about the Graphene Oxide =Pure poison. If everyone had 2 shots, its like Russian Roulette- chances of getting 2 placebos is 25% and decreases with each booster shot that they take. Truly is a democide by governments.

    2. ADE. Florida getting slammed. Local hospital 92% full. Unheard of this time of year. Turning out to be ground zero. Everybody running around with no mask for months on end. I was the only one bundled up like a snow man in 100 degree weather. They all thought I was nuts…again. I gave up on talking to them. They don’t get it.

      1. Not sure where you get those stats on Florida?..Have close assoc..who is nurse practitioner in west coast hospital, works ICU.. not true!

  2. Editor, I don’t know tbh, it’s not widely announced that there were saline shots but I’ve heard reports of people feeling great after the first shot, so they have no problem going for the second- which may indicate they got saline only. It is alledgedly an experimental jab so it would make sense that there is a control group.. but as we know they know exactly what’s in the jab and what it does…

  3. Brother Bugnolo predicted this months ago: the reason that these freemasonic governments all suddenly lifted mask mandates and social distancing requirements back in April once a certain number of foolish people were vaccinated was because they already knew that the injected would soon have their natural immune systems destroyed in a few months.. They wanted a certain amount of normalcy before a majority were vaccinated and start circulating the colds they catch because of auto enhancement syndrome. We have so many common colds and flus (called a “variant” to scare people) going around in July this year and not last year here in America. It is the injected who are getting the most sick from them.

    1. My mother, my husband, and I did not get the shots, but the three of us did get the virus in December of 2019, a full three months before the much-ballyhooed arrival of C’OVID to America. Mom is nearly ninety; my husband and I are over sixty and diabetic.

      Since recovering, however we have noticed a pronounced loss of energy, among other things. Generally speaking, I do not get colds or flus–I take too much vitamin C for that–but this June I did contract the flu, and much to my surprise two weeks later I caught a cold that rapidly developed into pneumonia.

      My poor mother also caught this cold and two days later had the pneumonia. I self-treated with hydrogen peroxide therapy (nebulization) and ivermectin, and I improved rapidly, but my sister, a retired nurse who did get the shots, insisted that Mom go the traditional route, i.e., doctors, ER visits, antibiotics, and finally a hospital stay. Three weeks later Mom is still weak and easily out of breath.

      I have read that the virus also delivers the spike protein; perhaps that’s why I’m suddenly so susceptible. My husband is experiencing this too.

      The most curious thing has to do with my mother. In 1957, when she and Dad were newlyweds, they contracted the ‘Asian Flu’–Mom said she had never been so sick in her life; even her hair throbbed painfully. After that, neither Mom nor Dad ever got a flu again. I’m certain they became immune to this type of illness, and I’d like to learn more about it.

      C’OVID, however, is a different animal altogether.

      1. How you do you know you had covid. Just because a test or hospital or doctor say so, does not mean you have it. IN fact, there is no know test to determine if you have one coronavirus or another, except a microscopic examination of bodily fluids which extracts the whole virus and grows it separate and examines its genome…

      2. Have you watched this ? It may be the root of your problem, buy a EMF meter, Trifield EMF.

        It can be seen that each new influenza pandemic corresponds to a new advance in electrical technology, such as the Asian flu of 1957-58, following the installation of a powerful radar surveillance system, and the outbreak of Hong Kong flu from July 1968 onwards, following the commissioning of 28 military satellites for space surveillance at the altitude of the Van Allen belts, which protect us from cosmic radiation.

        How Radiation Sickness Explains All Flu Outbreaks Especially the Wuhan Coronavirus

        Don’t forget the power of the media on the mind, ‘as you think so it becomes’ since all this started I know countless people who convinced themselves into having Covid and went to get tested and were given positive results. In a remote part of Ireland this is ridiculous as were locked down hard early and it didn’t exist here yet everyone was getting positive results by going to the doctor with symptoms like a headache or sore throat, the whole thing is a scam.

        Do not underestimate the power of their tools of manipulation : psychosomatic -somaticpsycho

      3. “…there is no know test to determine if you have one coronavirus or another…”

        Correct, and confirmed by a good friend who is the head of pathology at a chain of hospitals in the Midwest. (Got a very angry phone call from him in May 2020, regarding the sudden, sharp increase in fraud throughout the medical system, ‘a lot more than usual’, he said.) I’m not wedded to the idea of viruses as a whole, by the way, but having no background in medicine I’m not qualified to have an opinion. I did mention I’m a diabetic, however, and that’s significant. A breakdown in metabolic function sends up all sorts of flags–I believe I’ve been poisoned in some way. The more obvious suspects are pharmacological drugs, especially vaccines and antibiotics, and food additives. So no, my husband and I did not see a doctor or take a test; rather we put two and two together (and no, we don’t eat CNN for breakfast). I am telling you what I have observed–I’m quite good at that sort of thing, as my life depends upon it. Dad was in the Air Force for over twenty years; I am also aware of the ongoing tinkering with the earth’s electromagnetic field and the deleterious effect this likely has on living things. Too many variables, don’t you think? [I should mention here that I really enjoy this blog.]

  4. I believe every word of this. Just one consideration. I think there must be many uninjected people who have decided they’ll never again go to a dr, come what may. So if they got very sick, or died, they’d never be counted among the ‘covid victims’. Good for them!

  5. I listened to an expert explain the timeline in a video. All the vaxxed mice died in testing in a known length of time; equating mouse life to human life = 2 years.

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