USA: A partial list of Death Cult Vaxx pushing Corporations & Entities

REMEMBER! This is not only about killing their workers or citizens, this is about wiping out pension fund obligations and causing a real estate market price collapse, so that the Chinese, ever the faithful atheist worker-slaves, can colonize the West, cleansed of Christians and Europeans.

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8 thoughts on “USA: A partial list of Death Cult Vaxx pushing Corporations & Entities”

  1. Okay. Here’s the thing. For Bible believing Christians, Catholics especially with all the seers etc., the writing has been on the wall for 100 years, the alarm bells have been sounding at least 20 years. I have very little sympathy for those wallowing in self pity because they can’t live their promiscuous gluttonous drunken life in peace any more. It’s over.

    1. Joan, I am a Catholic and I believe we are done!!! This is definitely the takedown of our world. This has been planned and prophesied forever. And, it is now here. I have tried to warn people but they don’t want to hear it. Just like in the days of Noah.

    2. While some good people foolishly or ignorantly got the death jab, particularly the elderly who did not know any better, ALL the bad people, including bad priests and bishops, have eagerly gotten it. There is no more going back to normal for them.

  2. Br. Alexis….Alex Jones is a Freemason. He is controlled opposition and his information although partially true is not totally reliable. He has spoken on air about his family being Rosicrucians and how that is the pure form of freemasonry.

    1. Alex Jones is REALLY a freemason?

      How do you know that? I am just curious. There is so much confusion going on in this world right now. So, would like to know how you know that?

  3. JILL said, “This is definitely the takedown of our world.”
    Everything has the right to commit suicide,
    which is self-authenticating evidence and proof
    of satanic possession.
    Ya can’t save those who don’t want to be saved.
    By Edward (c)

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