Sweden: 2 Weeks of Maskless Public Schooling prove Delta Variant does NOT exist

Vaxx won’t Kill everyone? — The truth is, however, the Pandemic was designed for population control…

This video opens with the evidence to convict Fauci for premeditated murder for advocating Remdesivir, a highly deadly antibiotic, which has killed all the Covid patients. Covid was used as the cover to hide the deliberate plan to genocide Americans.

Man who discovered the cure for Lupus speaks. Amazing cure is very simple, detailed at beginning of this video.

WHO backs Digital Vaxx Passport Technology backed by Bill Gates

USA: 88% of those who died by WHO protocols could have been saved by Hydroxychloroquine

If you had a loved one who died in a place where hydroxychloroquine was banned or restricted or refused, send this video to your attorney and sue the doctors, hospital and politicians who killed your love one.