The Revolution has begun: Hackers attack Covid Vaxx Website for Lazio Region

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5 thoughts on “The Revolution has begun: Hackers attack Covid Vaxx Website for Lazio Region”

  1. That’s wonderful—–Just 3 days ago, Stella Immanuel( Pediatrician who helped President Trump) is going to sue Anderson Cooper and CNN for $100 million—as they made her look BAD and President Trump—-Stella claims they disparaged her hydoroxychloriquine tablets( an anti-malarial drug) that was safe and would have saved thousands of deaths ( whom she blames on CNN)—Good for Stella! ✝️

  2. There’s a Dr.McCullough in Texas doing a lot of videos and covid research for over a year now. He says he drives by a vaxx site in Dallas every day and the place is dead quiet, not a single soul. He thinks the masses are finally waking up.. I have a different theory, I think they’re either sick dead hospitalized or otherwise incapacitated. My neighborhood which is usually abuzz with activity from sun up until sun down is suddenly like a morgue. An occasional vehicle goes by, that’s about it. Last I saw the stats, which are old now, the neighborhood is 70% vaxxed.

    1. Well in the Summer, a lot of Floridians go to their homes in the Rockies or New England, or upper Michigan…

      1. That used to be the norm here, who knows what it is these days; there have been a lot more year round people in recent years, since the big hurricane in 2004, and we had an influx of NYers due to pandemic, many permanent. The summer tourist traffic has been thru the roof this year. Frankly mostly Spanish speaking, and if I had to guess, many headed straight over here from the border, that’s what it looks like to me. The Canadian lady next door, I haven’t seen her in ages, at least a year or more. I think she might be stuck up there logistically. The summer activity I’m talking about here is mainly in the form of year round hired help. Yard workers and so forth. A constant parade of worker bees. Suddenly everything has come to a screeching halt. I also think a lot of marginally wealthy are feeling the heat financially. That’s a different story. Interest rates on short term cash have been about zero. We used to make a lot of spending $ that way, with almost no risk. Those days are gone.

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