UK: The Great Dying has begun, as the Vaxx takes its toll on the youth

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10 thoughts on “UK: The Great Dying has begun, as the Vaxx takes its toll on the youth”

  1. So sad when people die like this, and the tragedy about it is that most will go to hell.

    I can just imagine how God grieves that so many are tragically losing their souls to the covid “religion”

  2. It is time to name the individual executors of humanity. God knows who they are. A Dr. Mylo Canderian real name Milos Iskanderianos born in Corfu, Greece 1938.
    The Graphene Oxide competes with a jabbed person’s heart, lungs, brain and blood for oxygen. Causing inevitable suffocation. It is too disgusting to say the rest, but serial killers don’t even come close to the mental evil of these beings. They look human who knows? It is sickening.

  3. Brother Bugnolo
    The graphene oxide is a clear liquid when injected into some ones body, but changes to a black goo once inside. Is the black goo a demonic entity and thus is AI also? I understand that this is indeed a spiritual war. I listened to a German scientist Harald (forgotten name) talking in English about this black goo being sentient and another doctor has called the technology being used as’other worldly’.

    1. Graphene oxide is not clear. But since its in nanoparticle sized packets, when suspended in water the human eye cannot see it. It does not turn into black goo once inside you. There are a lot of nuts who believe in UFOs and alien tech, but it does not exist, because God only created one race which is intelligent: man. Intelligent because he is the only being created in the image and likeness of the Triune God.

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