4 thoughts on “Australia has become a Bio-Security Police State”

  1. I seem to remember a television show featuring an actress Miriam Margoyles ( not sure of name) in the UK. She interviewed some Aboriginal people in Australia and they were not happy about the huge investments that China had made in Australia, buying up land etc. Is it any wonder that the Australian people are having such tyranny forced upon them. I think we in the West have been sold out to the Chinese dragons. Also in Africa.

  2. Yes. They upped the ante after the freedom rally. My poor daughter was hassled by police at 3am snd is in danger of losing her job. We have had to engage a lawyer. She does not have the money. She needs her job, especially in the lockdown- to feed her young family. I need mine too. However, I have decided that there are legal ways to protest too. Please pray for us. Offer mass for us.

  3. Brother Bugnolo
    May I recommend to your viewers Windows On The World at http://www.windowsontheworld.net. August 1st 2021. Titled “The Rainbow Death Cult”. I mention this show because time is running out, not to sound too dramatic, we need to understand exactly where Covid is coming from, and I think that this may help people. Whatever we believe or do not believe if we are to survive we need to group together. I found Windows on Bitchute.

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