Philippines’ Dictatorship to Starve the Catholic non-Vaxxers to death!

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5 thoughts on “Philippines’ Dictatorship to Starve the Catholic non-Vaxxers to death!”

  1. There are only two options for the Filipinos – either he goes or they starve to death. I think the first one is the just choice, better than a Modernist madman wilfully killing the entire populace.

    The time has also come for the same principle to be debated regarding the NWO elite few directing & enforcing genocidal laws upon mankind. Best deal with the relative few than see the world in carnage to satisfy Satan.

    1. I keep wondering why absolutely no one on our side has done anything, despite almost daily reports that they’re shooting us down like sitting ducks.

  2. It would seem that the law of self defense against a determined and unjust aggressor would now apply.

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