Stop blaming Holy Mother Church, and start blaming yourself! o Bergoglians!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I do not know which is the worse sin: that of the Bergoglians who are destroying the Church, the Faithful and Christendom, or that of those who insist Bergoglio is the Pope but denounce all his actions as Pope.

We are not in a situation in which the anti-Bergoglian party has no basis on which it could openly reject him: his claim to the papacy is materially, formally, canonically and factually false. His heresies are daily. His betrayals of the Faithful exceed the measure of all Heresiarchs and Enemies of Christ!

So what really motivates them, then, to hate someone so much but insist without questioning that he is Christ’s Vicar? Is it a sort of madness? Is this the spirit of the Antichrist, in another incarnation? Is it simply hatred of paternal authority by those who have big daddy issues? Or is it the rhetoric of a false opposition controlled by the Fourth Reich’s agents: to divide and conquer while providing no solution, no refuge and no way of flight?

Chief among them is Archbishop Carlo Viganò, who just the other day Blasphemed Holy Mother Church, by claiming that Bergoglio is the Pope and he and the Church are leading the Faithful into apostasy!

Can you not even see the depth of depravity in blaming Holy Mother Church for the sins of those who have broken entirely from Christ?

But, I already hear the voices:  “It is unfair to blame the opponents of Bergoglio who condemn his every uncatholic action!”  “You cannot fault them for what he is doing to the Church!”

But since we are all called to humility and penance, perhaps it is time for these anti-Bergoglians who hate Benedict more than they hate Bergoglio — a fact proven by their 8 year refusal to support Benedict’s right to the Papacy despite all authorities, facts, laws, arguments, reasonings, which show this — to look in the mirror and take an account of their own horrendous, mortal, grave, and quasi infinite culpability in the destruction of the Church?

So here goes a partial list of the sins of the Anti-Bergoglian “But without a doubt the Pope” party :

  1. You have rejected Jesus Christ, who said to Peter, not to the Cardinals, “What soever you bind upon earth, shall be bound in Heaven”, in reference to Canon 332 §2, which declares that a Pope must renounce his munus, not his ministerium, to abdicate.
  2. You have rejected the Vicar of Christ, who said, “I have not abdicated”, without union with whom Pope Boniface VIII declared it IMPOSSIBLE to be saved.
  3. You have rejected reason itself, which says that prima facie, “munus” must mean something other than “ministerium”. otherwise there would be no reason for its existence in the Latin language after 2750 years.
  4. You have enabled Bergoglio to deceive the entire Church in all of his wicked deeds, because you present yourself as the opposition, but you still insist he is the Pope.  What is the clueless Catholic to conclude, but that his claim to the papacy is certain and undoubted, when you, the most vociferous of his critics bash, censor or ignore with Journalistic silence and blacklists, executed on a nearly daily basis those who say otherwise?
  5. You have refused to say he has lost the papacy for his manifold, manifest and pertinacious heresies.
  6. Therefore, you are complicit in Bergoglio’s betrayal of 30 Million Catholics in China, to death and persecution, to rape, medical experimentation, lobotomization, kidnapping, torture etc., BECAUSE you claim he has legitimately the title of the Pope to do it.
  7. Therefore, you are complicit in Bergoglio’s GOULISH guilt in advocating that 1.2 billion Catholics take the death vaxx, nearly ALL OF WHOM WILL DIE.

And so, you must fact the hellish reality of the utter possession of your souls by the Father of Lies and confess that you are guilty of the murder of 1.2 Billion of your fellow Catholics and the damnation of perhaps as many souls for the sin of suicide and loss of faith, not to mention, for dying separated from the true Pope, Benedict XVI.

What can an objective observer comparing YOUR sin to that of all other Christians throughout all history?

You are without a doubt deceived by the spirit of the Antichrist and are most likely already possessed by Satan Himself, for you have abandoned all Light, to follow the Cardinals in their sin of saying that munus = ministerium. For a word, you have bought an eternal hell with punishments which will far exceed that of Judas Iscariot.

So the next time anyone asks, “What does it matter whom I recognize as the Pope?” read him the above article.