Canada: How one man’s lawsuit won liberty in Alberta from the Scamdemic

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8 thoughts on “Canada: How one man’s lawsuit won liberty in Alberta from the Scamdemic”

    1. I think your claim is not founded in the time line. Listen to the video again and look at the date on the report cited in the link you shared. Hinshaw changed course the day after she was forced to admit in court that she had no material evidence of a pandemic.

      1. I’d be celebrating with you if the claims made in this video were based on truth. But common sense and basic legal procedure prove otherwise.

        Mr King went to court to fight a $1200 covid fine. That’s all. He did not go to court to petition them to strike down Alberta’s covid measures. He asked the health minister for evidence that covid exists, and she failed to provide it. So, he won his case. They dropped the fine. That’s all they did. That’s all they were required to do when they lost the case and the judge ordered it.

        These claims that Mr King forced the government to drop their covid measures while fighting a fine are like claiming that a guy who went to court to fight a parking ticket somehow managed to force the government to drop their Highway Traffic Act.

        He did not petition the judge for a court order to strike down the covid measures, and so there was no court order to that effect. The Alberta government was not forced in any court to strike down their measures. They did it on their own. They may have been influenced by this case – I don’t know and there’s no evidence either way.

        I did a fair amount of research on this case before posting here. There are literally hundreds of websites now claiming that Mr King “forced” the province to rescind its covid orders. These sites make all sorts of other wild, false claims about this case. It’s like the “pass it on” game we used to play as kids. Each site that “passes on” this story adds more embellishments to it. Everyone oh so wants to believe that one little man without a lawyer managed to force politicians to do what everyone oh so wants their leaders to do.

        But sadly, it is simply not true, and not even possible in the court system. You can’t walk into a courtroom asking the judge to grant one thing and then expect them to give you something else that you weren’t asking for when you initiated your case. Mr King won his case, and it’s a victory to celebrate – but celebrate the true victory, which was his exorbitant fine being dropped. And the fact that Alberta dropped their covid measures – no matter what the reason was – is a bigger victory to celebrate.

      2. I think you fail to realize that whereas a court case may or may not be able to require the government judicially to take action, politically an insignificant court case can open the eyes of a single politician and make her realize that she better save her own butt. That is why I believe the time line proves the claims attributed to this case.

  1. I think the answer to this scamdemic lies in only one direction. The “experts” cannot prove that they have isolated the virus.
    From what I have heard, a communist named Saul Alinsky said that you have to go after the individual. It sounds very much like the law of the jungle, when a lion hunts his prey. Fauci comes to mind, and the prominent “experts” who enjoy their publicity. So if crowd funding happened sue the pants of off them for all the carnage they have caused. Fauci was very involved with AZT which caused the AIDS epidemic.

    1. More context about this case. Canada’s Rebel Media is very reliable and have been one of the largest organizations fighting fines and various cases in court, including on behalf of jailed pastors.

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